ImmuPharma PLC

  • Dec 18, 2019 GMT
  • Team Kalkine
ImmuPharma PLC

The company, ImmuPharma PLC was founded in 1999 in Switzerland in Basel and is currently headquartered in London. The company in all its vision and mission is dedicated towards development of innovative drugs and medicines which are used to treat critical medical conditions.

The company is led by a team of experienced professionals who drive the operations with passion and integrity. Its research operations are based out of France under the name of ImmuPharma France SA and Switzerland as ImmuPharma AG. The company has some strategic and very important research and development collaborations and tie ups with reputed health and medical research laboratories in Europe.

They have a relentless focus on development of novel and innovative drugs in specific therapy areas especially at spaces where there is a deficit of effective treatments, and lack of primary care. This is in sync with the existing trends of the pharmaceutical industry.

Since their inception, their research policy has been framed around collaborations. Its most significant one being with the Center National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) which is based out of France. The CNRS is renowned and well known as the largest fundamental research agency in Europe. This partnership has allowed them to reach significantly embedded quality and a groundbreaking research and work with many leading scientists and physicians.

Their market strategy is to license their assets to leading, well-placed international corporations. These corporations further aid in development and marketing of their drugs. They also have a corporate tie up with Cephalon Inc.  2008, is one example of their policy in practice for the worldwide protection of their lead drug candidate Lupuzor™, for the treatment of Lupus.

Research and development

The low-risk approach of ImmuPharma is to draw on groundbreaking work which takes place mainly at Europe's largest research institution, the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). The CNRS was established in 1939 and comes under the French Ministry of Research's administrative authority. It is a government-funded research agency with more than thirty thousand employees. It has an annual budget of over three billion pound. The CNRS received numerous prestigious awards and produced over seventeen Nobel laureates and eleven recipients of the Fields Medal awards.

They have a very significant joint research and development arrangement with the National Center for Scientific Research, which grants ImmuPharma exclusive worldwide access to utilize those discoveries and research commercially. The partnership with the CNRS allows ImmuPharma to reach many scientists and physicians, keeping the costs low and reducing the constant funding needed for early stage research.

Along with the partnerships that the company operates on, we are also known to use innovative technologies constantly with an aim to develop and circulate a strong discovery pipeline and a portfolio of new lead compounds with an intention to achieve ground breaking results.

 The company is listed since 2006 on the London Stock Exchange.

ImmuPharma focuses on three fields: auto-immune disease (P140) Oncology / Ophthalmology Metabolism / Diabetes. LupuzorTM is the most successful drug candidate of the company and is a life-threatening autoimmune disease treatment for Lupus. LupuzorTM has been approved by the US FDA for its Phase III trial with a Special Protocol Assessment and the designation "Fast Track."

Lupuzor TM has now ended its critical Phase III trial. Top line test results were released in April 2018 and May 2018. ImmuPharma is led with significant industry experience by a commercially centered board and management team.


The company has a well spread out network across Europe. These are their scientific advisors which leverage the necessary expertise and consult the company with their activities. They are involved in research and development of product themselves and also depend on research organization on contract by subcontracting part of their operations.

Location wise they are spread out in Europe and operate out of three primary locations:

  1. In UK, they operate through their holding company. This company is focused on Business development and administration primarily. Here they also take care on development and maintaining their investor relations along with regular management activities.
  2. For their core activities, i.e the research and development activities they operate out of France. This involves working in collaboration with the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. This is primarily based out of Strasbourg, Bourdeaux and Paris.
  3. A part of their business development, licensing and some commercial activities they also have a location in Switzerland. Some of the research and development and investor relations activities are also carried out at this location.

Vision and Mission

They are known to an ethical organization which is focused on providing solutions in the world of medicine. They aim to develop novel drugs that help to deliver value to patients that improves their quality of life. They are also working relentlessly towards adding value to medical professionals, their shareholders and other medical professionals.

They are a renowned name when it comes to research and the subsequent drug discoveries and are known to value integrity along with creativity. They value people driven towards finding solutions by thinking out of the box and innovating to achieve groundbreaking results and keeping intact professionalism, competency and fairness.

Their leadership is well in sync with their vision and the company is headed strong since its inception. The chairman of the company, Tim McCarthy is committed to their wonder drug the Lupuzor.

Tim McCarthy comes with a thirty five year international business experience. He has worked in pharmaceutical, healthcare and technology companies which operated with a high growth potential. He is also the chairman and non-executive director of other biotech and healthcare companies. He has a core understanding and knowledge of AIM and its processes for listed companies. Under his guidance, the company is on the path to become a well established name in drug research and development that ultimately would benefit patients and medical professionals.

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