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Kunal Sawhney


Kunal Sawhney is founder & CEO at Kalkine and is a richly experienced and accomplished financial professional with a wealth of knowledge in the Australian Equities Market. Kunal obtained a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Technology, Sydney. He has an extensive expertise in quantitative and qualitative stock selection practices, and he proficiently navigates on equity related matters while enabling them achieve success in complex market conditions. Kunal features as a guest speaker at various equity research platforms and news channels on a regular basis, sharing his valuable insights on the subject. His firm provides holistic view of stock investment recommendations to retail investors with respect to financial performance, strategy, and industry catalysts. The firm looks for stocks that are out of favour with the market and a combination of tangible and intangible aspects is used for stock picking with a great focus on income and growth portfolios. Kunal is featured regularly on Sky Business, CNBC and Australian Financial Review

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Holly Shields

Video Presenter

As a seasoned presenter, news reporter, and host, Holly Shields has made her mark in broadcasting both domestically and internationally. She has hosted programs and guest featured for GFN Radio, while covering special events as a live commentator on the behalf of BBS TV. As an anchorwoman, Holly has covered trending issues in politics, international news, and current affairs on the program What’s Up for My True Media (MTM). She also delivers breaking news for 6 News Australia and hosts the popular entertainment show Live in Sydney. Holly is working under a casual contract with Kalkine Media to broadcast business and market news. Currently, Holly is working as a financial and business correspondent with Kalkine Media.

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Sage Godrei

Video Presenter

Sage is a professional presenter who is also a playwright and film script writer. Having a Ba in Media Studies, Sage gained the skills necessary to become a creative project manager. She has gained valuable experience in organizational and cultural change, leadership coaching, stakeholder management and employee engagement running her own arts business. Her original work has been commissioned and produced in conjunction with several city councils around Sydney. Sage was also accepted into the MBA program at Victoria University and has further developed her interest in the financial markets through studies in Forex and Options trading. Her television presenting experience began as an album reviewer of urban music for HipHoptvonline.com and she worked as a testimonial model most recently for the new home shopping channel Openshop 2019-2020. Sage has been involved as an actor for some pertinent Australian government television campaigns such as “Know the Line” - Sexual Harassment in the workplace run by the Australian Human Rights Commission and the GetUp.org 2013 Federal Election campaign. Sage wishes to extend her knowledge of the media and broadcasting industry through her new role at Kalkine Media and hopes to produce scripted film and television through her small production company On the Cusp Productions.

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Production & Admin Support

Daisy, an entertainer at heart, has participated in creation of various advertisements in Australia and in some American Shows. She is driven with the passion of media industry and has always been active since her childhood in mainstream industry. As an extraordinary influencer, Daisy has unfathomable information on hauling watchers' consideration. A strong cooperative person with cordial, positive attitude and demonstrated abilities, she has had the option to build up affinity among viewers of different genres. Presently, she is engaged with Kalkine Media to extend support on content / video creation streams and modules.

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Ruchika Sachdeva

AGM, Media

A postgraduate from ICFAI university with over 14 years of rich experience on Capital Market Transactions including M&A, GC, VC, Public Equity, IPO etc. A seasoned professional skilled in market and business research, client servicing, team management, competitive business intelligence and due diligence. Day affairs ensure time-bound submission of accurate data content as per industry standards.

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Akanksha Kumar

AGM, Media

Akanksha Kumar is the AGM at Kalkine and has over 8 years of Research experience, with 6+ years in Market Research particularly. She holds 5 years of extensive experience in Product Development and Market Data and Corporate Actions analysis at S&P Global Market Intelligence, India. Akanksha holds Master of Applied Economics degree from the prestigious National University of Singapore. Her expertise lies in Economic Analysis and understanding nuances of interplay between equity market and economic fundamentals. Besides, she has rich experience of working across different markets, including Equity Market, Currency Market and Commodity Market, and assessing the market landscape amidst broader economic perspective.

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Damini is a Senior Research Analyst at Kalkine Media Pty Ltd, with around 4 years of rich experience catering to media domain. She has key exposure to economics and equity research. Her expertise lies in performing economic and trend analysis and producing exclusive content for different sectors. She gained her Master’s degree in Economics from Amity University, India.

Articles By Damini

Ipsita Sarkar


Ipsita Sarkar has spent years producing compelling journalistic content for leading media houses. From navigating the newsroom chaos to chasing big scoops and playing the digital traffic game, she has lived it all. At Kalkine Media, she tracks equities and market-moving stories across North America.

Articles By Ipsita

Shreya Biswas

Senior Financial Journalist’

Shreya Biswas is a Senior Financial Journalist with a degree from the Asian College of Journalism. Previously a literature student-turned-political reporter, she now writes on market trends at Kalkine Media. When not chasing deadlines, she enjoys blogging.

Articles By Shreya


Financial Journalist

Abhijeet has a profound interest in capital markets. He writes on various developments from financial market-to-enterprise-to-economy. A day at work begins with analysing securities on the London Stock Exchange. A sharp eye for detail has been a key skill set that reflects from the long-forms, as well as breaking pieces. Been in the business effectively from China's equity meltdown, and the subsequent Brexit referendum. He has previously worked with Microsoft News.

Articles By Abhijeet


Financial Journalist

Ashish is a Financial Journalist with an experience of nearly 9 years in the field of economy, stock market and foreign affairs. He has also spent a few years in the corporate sector. A mechanical engineer with post-graduation in marketing and operations, Ashish has worked with some of the leading media and corporate organisations in the country and abroad.

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Sukriti is a Senior Financial Analyst at Kalkine Media Pty Ltd. She has experience of over 3.8 years in the field of finance, research, reporting standardisation and process developments. She has interned with brands like PepsiCo, Vogue, JBL and Dell. She is a postgraduate in International Business from St. Joseph’s College of Commerce (Bangalore, India). Her areas of interest include IPOs and economic affairs.

Articles By Sukriti


Research Analyst

Aayush is a Research Analyst at Kalkine, with rich experience of over 3 years catering to capital markets. He has been a sell side equity advisor for two years and is currently dwelling deep into the equity research. He holds MBA in finance degree and has a good exposure of the global equities markets, apart from the core Australian markets.

Articles By Aayush

Suhita Poddar


Suhita is a financial journalist at Kalkine Media. She writes on various topics with a specific interest in the renewable energy sector, sustainability and climate finance. She is a former research analyst with over 9 years of experience in the financial services industry and had also previously interned at Dow Jones Newswires and Mint. She graduated from London School of Economics.

Articles By Suhita


Research Editor

Sonal is a Research Analyst at Kalkine Media Pty Ltd. She has done M.Sc. in Economics from Shiv Nadar University and B.A. Economic (Honours) from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. She has over 3 years of diverse experience in economic policy analysis, public finance, and market data analysis. She is a skilled professional with proficiency in primary and secondary research with an expertise in providing an economic and financial perspective to readers.

Articles By Sonal


Research Editor

Manika is a Research Editor at Kalkine Media Pty Ltd. She has a storied career as business finance journalist in major pink dailies. After a stint as a reporter, where she broke many ground-breaking stories, she handled the desk functions with ease. Post that, she has been writing many analytical and nuanced edits for a major business daily. She has covered all genres of writing from reports, to features, to quick edits, to edits/opinion articles for the print and digital.

Articles By Manika


Research Editor

Roma is a Research Editor at Kalkine Media Pty Ltd. She has been in the field of content creation and editing since more than 12 years now. She is a storyteller with an exposure to different industries such as finance, news, legal, telecommunication, travel, medical and technical IT, etc. She understands the niche readers and tries her best to bring the element of readability to her work more than anything else. Moreover, she thinks from a reader’s point of view and develops content accordingly.

Articles By Roma

Furquan Moharkan

Financial Journalist

Furquan Moharkan is journalist and an author with focus on banking and financial markets. He has also authored a book on banking. Before becoming a journalist, Furquan was an investment banker.

Articles By Furquan

Kiara Khanna

AGM – Content Management

Kiara is a communications professional and financial journalist with over 14 years of experience in media and financial services sector. She has worn many hats in her stint as a communications and content professional- Analyst, Editor, News Presenter, Content Manager, Social Media Lead and business communications manager. Her passion is communicating the right message to the right people through the right medium. Kiara writes on economy and markets for Kalkine.

Articles By Kiara

Shaghil Bilali

Research Editor

Shaghil Bilali is a research editor with 15 years of experience in different verticals across media. He has worked with some of the leading media organisations in India. Before joining Kalkine Media, he was with Microsoft News' Canada overnight operations. He has also worked as a sports journalist for almost a decade with News18.com and the Mail Today newspaper.

Articles By Shaghil

Supriya Kumari

Research Editor

Supriya is a Research Editor at Kalkine. She comes with a rich experience of 11 years in online journalism. She has worked for leading media brands like Zee News & MSN Australia, specialising in world affairs. She is a Bachelor of Science (Honours) graduate from Delhi University and holds a PG degree in Radio & TV journalism.

Articles By Supriya

Sanjeeb Baruah

Financial Journalist

Sanjeeb is a senior journalist who has been in the media for nearly two decades. He wrote on various topics, from politics, international relations, business to wildlife. At Kalkine, he writes on stock markets, companies, equities, and IPOs, etc.

Articles By Sanjeeb

Raza Naqvi

Financial Journalist

Raza comes from a hard-news background and is an experienced writer with a demonstrated history of working in reputed organizations like the United Nations, Indian Express, and Hindustan Times. Currently, he is exploring the financial world!

Articles By Raza

Tripti Joshi

Senior Research Analyst – Biotech

Tripti is a Senior Research Analyst at Kalkine Media Pty Ltd, with 3 years of experience in healthcare research. She has key exposure to pharma and biotech industry. Her expertise lies in conducting analysis of different aspects to generate exclusive content for this sector. She is a Postgraduate in Pharmacology.

Articles By Tripti

Sonal Sinha

Financial Analyst

Sonal is a Financial Analyst at Kalkine Media Pty Limited with more than 6 years’ experience into Capital Market and investment banking. She has completed her MBA from ICFAI Kolkata. She has completed her graduation is in Information Technology. Prior to Kalkine, she has worked for Fidelity International and Bank of America. At Fidelity, she was a part of the retail pension operations team. At Bank of America, she was a part of non-deliverable forward team. She also looked into the documentation of other products like rates, options, commodities etc. Currently she prepares report focusing mainly on companies from Information Technology sector.

Articles By Sonal

Mohammad Zaid

Senior Research Analyst

Zaid is a Senior Research Analyst at Kalkine Media Pty Ltd. His previous experience includes academic research, marketing, content development. His keen areas of interest include technology companies; including fintech, HRTech and emerging trends in technology; mining companies, especially lithium. He completed his MBA and Bachelor of Commerce from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

Articles By Mohammad

Nitish Kumar

Mining Analyst

Nitish Kumar is Research Analyst at Kalkine Media Pty Ltd, with over 5 years of experience in Energy and Commodities domain. He has a key exposure to oil and gas sector with sound knowledge of drilling operations. He holds a M.B.A degree from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, India.

Articles By Nitish

Chitranjan Kumar

Financial Journalist

Chitranjan is a Financial Journalist with over 9 years of experience in the field of stock market, IPO, corporate filing, and economy. Before joining Kalkine Media, he was working as Senior Sub Editor at India Today Group’s Business Today. A MBA graduate with specialisation in Finance, Chitranjan has also spent a few years in the corporate sector.

Articles By Chitranjan

Neha Simpy

Senior Research Editor

Neha is a Senior Research Editor at Kalkine Pty Limited, with a degree in journalism from Jamia Millia Islamia. She has written and edited articles pertaining to various sectors of Australia and New Zealand Stock Exchanges. She firmly believes in the quote “Content is King” and aim towards churning out structured reports and articles for the readers.

Articles By Neha

Jasmine Anand

Financial Journalist

Jasmine Anand is a Financial Journalist at Kalkine. She has an extensive experience of 11 years in varied domains like finance, E-commerce, content curation, product research, education and telecom. She has earned a Master in Business Administration degree with Finance major from IBS Hyderabad. Her forte is to scribe meticulously complex facts and figures into lucid and interesting reads.

Articles By Jasmine

Daniel Paul Johns


Daniel is an experienced journalist and has contributed to many publications with content ranging from music to business and finance. Daniel is committed to keeping ahead in his knowledge of finance and particularly cryptocurrency trends. He graduated from The University of Sydney with a Master’s in Media. Daniel is also a stand-up comedian and screenwriter. His two favourite things in the world are cricket and beer - in that order.

Articles By Daniel

Rachael Jones


Rachael is an award-winning, multi-skilled Broadcast Journalist with extensive experience in the production of engaging material either for radio, television or online. She has worked across the globe covering major breaking news stories for large news organisations such as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Telegraph UK, Sky News and the ABC. She has interviewed numerous CEOs of ASX-listed companies and other global newsmakers such as Bill Gates. Rachael gained a BA Honours degree in Journalism from London. Her other qualifications include a certificate in Global Resources Politics, a Diploma in Trading and a certificate in Contracts Law from Harvard University. Rachael has a passion for finance and business news and always has a keen eye on trends across global markets.

Articles By Rachael

Shwetambri Chauhan

Sr. Research Editor

Shwetambri Chauhan is a Sr. Research Editor at Kalkine Media. She comes with an experience of 11 years in secondary research and quality check. Besides, she has rich experience of working across different sectors and markets. Her professional experience includes a 5-year long stint at WNS for a well-known UK-based research and publishing house, a Fitch Group company. She gained her Master’s degree in Business Administration from IPM, Ghaziabad, India.

Articles By Shwetambri

Albert Rizk

Video Producer

I am a Cinematography, Director of Photography and Senior Video Producer based in Sydney with over 35 years of experience. My passion for story telling has led me to receive a Bachelor of applied arts specialising in Cinematography and Television. I also completed a diploma in Digital Fundamentals from ARRI in Munich, a diploma in Cinema Production from Tiffen, a diploma in Video Editing, Color Grading and Graphic Design from the Russian-Institute as well as a Diploma in TV production and Studio management from the Egyptian TV Institute. I held different positions while working for the Egyptian National Television between 1981 and 2018. As a Director of Photography, I was involved in the production of over 150 feature films and documentaries. In 1995, I founded my own production company in Egypt tasked with shooting, editing and rental services which has allowed me to work with many local and international clients over the years. When I relocated to Sydney, I continued to invest and apply my wealth of knowledge and experience through different freelance positions. My subject specific skills as well as my people and leadership skills have always allowed me to complete projects to the highest standard to guarantee client satisfaction.

Articles By Albert

James Preston

Video Presenter

James is a news anchor and business reporter for Kalkine TV. James is a versatile broadcaster having hosted sport, current affairs, variety and entertainment programs across radio, television, and streaming providers, in addition to traditional print journalism. He’s worked with some of Australia’s biggest names including Triple M, Hit Network, Grant Broadcasters, The Daily Telegraph and many more. In 2016 he became NSW’s youngest community radio station manager when he took the reigns of Alive 90.5 FM. James is also an accomplished live event host and sports commentator. An innovative and creative media personality James is a three-time nominee of the NSW Young Achiever of the Year award and is delighted to be a part of the Kalkine team.

Articles By James

Anam Siddiqui

Research Analyst

Anam is a Research Analyst at Kalkine Media Pty Limited, with experience of over 2.5 years in business and market research in varied sectors. As part of her previous experience, she has conducted project analysis and secondary research for supply chain. Her interest area includes emerging global trends in service sectors and economic affairs. She has completed her MBA, with specialization in Finance from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

Articles By Anam

Ankit Sethi

Financial Journalist

Ankit is a law graduate. He holds an interest in public policy, corporate ethics, development economics, macro-economic policies, and sustainable development.

Articles By Ankit

Basudha Das

Research Editor

Basudha Das is a business journalist and a climate change and environmental enthusiast with a focus on economy, financial markets, and green measures taken globally. Before joining Kalkine, Basudha worked with top Indian business magazines, newspapers and websites covering economy, government financial policy and climate change measures. At Kalkine, Basudha tracks news stories, London Stock Exchange, and development in the UK.

Articles By Basudha

Bhawna Gupta

Financial Journalist

A financial journalist with Kalkine Media Pty Ltd, Bhawna has an experience of more than seven years in writing and reporting in the financial industry. She previously worked with VCCircle and Dealstreetsia and covered the areas like PE, VC, IPOs, M&A and others. Bhawna holds a post-graduation diploma is journalism and mass communication. In her leisure time, she likes to play badminton.

Articles By Bhawna

Arpit Verma

Research Analyst

Arpit is Research Analyst at Kalkine Media Pty Ltd. He has a wide experience of around 6.5 years in the oil & gas, mining, energy, and commodities domain. He has completed his M.Tech in Petroleum Engineering and B.Tech in Geoscience Engineering from UPES, Dehradun. He has served various prestigious companies including L&T Technology Services and handled various projects related to exploration and production of O&G, metals, and mining.

Articles By Arpit

Rini Zachariah

Junior Analyst

Rini has experience in the field of Economics as an economics educator. At Kalkine, she tracks ASX stock market and economic developments globally. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics and is currently pursuing Data Science.

Articles By Rini

Priyanka Payal

Junior Analyst

Priyanka has experience in media and Political PR. She started her career with the English daily ‘The Pioneer’ as a journalist and then worked with a reputed political consultancy firm Indian Political Action committee (IPAC). In the past, she has managed State assembly elections and local polls as a researcher, strategist, and campaign manager. She holds a degree in journalism.

Articles By Priyanka


Junior Analyst

Ritwika has experience in content writing. At Kalkine, she tracks business news, stock markets, companies, and economic developments in Australia. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Science. In her free time, she likes to hone her culinary skills.

Articles By Ritwika

Aditi Saha

Junior Analyst

Aditi began her career in broadcast media and have experience in content writing and digital media. She had been associated with a leading media company, Network 18, previously where she was engaged in providing engaging content and graphic elements to aid their digital channel reach a milestone. At Kalkine, she tracks business news, stock markets, companies, and economic developments in Australia. Aditi has a postgraduate degree in journalism and mass communication.

Articles By Aditi

Sukriti Nair

Junior Analyst

Sukriti has a keen interest financial research and analysis, financial markets and global financial developments. She has content writing experience in Finance and Economics. Her industrial and internship exposure includes Infrastructure, Pharmaceutical, Automobile and Steel Industry. She holds a Masters and Bachelor degree in Commerce alongside a post graduate diploma in Finance.

Articles By Sukriti

Sreenivas D Ajankar

Financial Journalist

Sreenivas’ primarily expertise lies in research. His area of interest includes stock investment and analysis, business valuation and investor awareness. He is also passionate about company analysis and report writing.

Articles By Sreenivas

Rishika Raina


Rishika Raina is a junior analyst for the UK market at Kalkine. She is proficient in primary and secondary research and trend analysis. She writes on diverse range of topics, with special interest on economic policy, financial markets and personal finance, energy and climate change.

Articles By Rishika

Nidhi Gupta

Financial Journalist

Nidhi is a financial journalist at Kalkine Media. She has over 10 years of experience in writing, editing, and reporting with an expertise in strategy research and technology sector.

Articles By Nidhi

Priya Bhandari


Priya writes on UK markets at Kalkine. Her areas of interest include finance, economics and research.

Articles By Priya

Manu Shankar

Research Editor

Manu Shankar is a senior journalist and editor with over 15 years of experience across leading media houses. At Kalkine, he writes on cryptocurrencies and equity markets. He’s passionate about sports and music.

Articles By Manu

Santosh Kumar

Manager – UK Media

Santosh Kumar has rich experience of around 15 years in financial content creation. He has led the content and research teams of prominent corporate database companies and fintech. He also has an in-depth expertise of mutual funds and equities.

Articles By Santosh

Khushboo Joshi

Financial Journalist

Khushboo Joshi is a multimedia professional with over eleven years of versatile experience in Journalism and Content management across various domains. Also, owing to passion for literature, story-telling and features & fiction writing comes naturally to her.

Articles By Khushboo

Sonal Goyal

Junior Analyst

Sonal has experience in the field of content development and academic research. At kalkine, At Kalkine, she tracks business news, stock markets, companies, and economic developments in Australia. She has a postgraduate degree in financial management and bachelor’s degree in literature.

Articles By Sonal

Akanksha Vashisht

Content Developer

Akanksha is a Content Developer at Kalkine, and comes from an economics background, holding specialisation in foreign trade and finance. She has completed her master’s degree in economics from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. Her focus area of research includes analysing market trends and economic policymaking.

Articles By Akanksha

Toshiva Jain

Junior Analyst

Toshiva is a Junior Research Analyst at Kalkine. She comes from a journalism and literature background, holding a specialisation in new media journalism. Toshiva completed her post-graduate diploma course from the Asian College of Journalism. Her focus area of research includes climate change, wellness, tourism, and world news.

Articles By Toshiva


Senior Financial Journalist

Manisha is a Senior Financial Journalist at Kalkine Media, covering the Australian market along with world news. She has tons of experience in content development in the media industry. Her deliverables reflect the strong command she has over the language as well as the right journalistic approach towards a news story. Also, she is a professional Voice Over Artist and a radio presenter with over 5 years of experience. She has lent her voice for promotional videos, e-books, radio shows, news stories, etc.

Articles By Manisha


Junior Analyst

Samta is a junior analyst at Kalkine Media. She has 1.8 years of work experience into Market Research domain with exposure to the US and Canadian markets. She also has spent 1 year into content creation/management for multi-vendor E-commerce website as a co-founder and has donned multiple hats within her overall work experience. She holds master’s degree in English Literature and write content for Australian markets with Kalkine.

Articles By Samta



Akshay is a research professional with 6.5 years of experience in Consulting and Research industry across the Mining, Chemicals and Energy domains. He is trained in client servicing, due diligence, research and analysis of the mining and energy commodities. His professional experience includes a 4.5-year long stint in Strategy Consulting and Project Development domains for the metals and mining sector. He holds a graduate degree in Chemical engineering from the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies and has presented technical papers at various international events.

Articles By Akshay

Honey Bhargava

AGM- PR & Brands

Honey has 14+ years of experience in the media, events & PR industry with leadership proficiency and extensive video production, editing, public relations, and communication s experience. Honey comes with a diverse & rich experience across various areas of marketing like public relations, guest relations, brand building, advertising, and business development

Articles By Honey