British Prime Minister Theresa May All Set To Discard Backstop Replacement, Seeking Modification Instead

  • Feb 06, 2019 GMT
  • Team Kalkine
British Prime Minister Theresa May All Set To Discard Backstop Replacement, Seeking Modification Instead

Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union on March 29

On Tuesday, the British Prime Minister has rebuffed to replace Irish backstop from EU divorce deal; instead, she categorically said she is seeking some amendments in the controversial backstop.

The backstop in the divorce agreement with the EU would keep away a strict border between Ireland and Northern Ireland through the creation of a temporary custom union between the EU and Great Britain.

On Tuesday, after speaking with business people, Prime Minister said she is seeking to reform, rather than remove, the contended Irish backstop from Brexit agreement that she has agreed with the European Union.

Now the biggest threat is that the British Prime Minister alienates the politicians whose favour she requires to get a deal through the House of Commons.

Theresa May’s decision to avoid replacement of Irish backstop is considered to come as a knee-jerk reaction in view of latest strategic moves by many companies. For instance, Japanese carmaker Nissan’s move to not have production of its new X-Trail series at Sunderland plant, has sent out a wave of turbulence while Nissan’s management defended this move at the back of growing chances of no-deal Brexit or disorderly Brexit which is going to hit company’s Just-In-Time supply chain model and its small supplier as well.

Meanwhile, a group of Conservative MPs is now trying to solve this contentious backstop problem with a technology-based solution, an idea that May’s government already explored without any success previous year although Prime Minister reacted positively upon this idea as well.

A hunt for a solution to get the UK out of the EU bloc with a withdrawal deal has been intensified as at Wednesday, as British Prime Minister begins the second day of her visit to Northern Ireland. Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar also travels to Brussels to conduct his own Brexit talks.

Both sides of Ireland are seeking a solution that can resolve Ireland’s concerns about its land border with Britain, and the British Prime Minister is trying to convince the House of Commons. May is scheduled to meet EU leaders in Brussels on Thursday.

On Tuesday, Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar said he is seeing a growing desire among EU leaders to avoid no-deal Brexit.

On 29th January, the British Parliament voted in favour of May’s alternative plan on Irish backstop, without modifying the existing contentious backstop.

Conservative MPs eagerly want that divorce from EU should mean leaving the European’s single market and customs union, so that Britain could exercise new trade deals with EU bloc.

On Thursday, the British Prime Minister is going to meet Donald Tusk, Verhofstadt, Juncker and European parliament president Tajani. She has set a cut-off date of Feb 13, for her to close a deal with EU and if she fumbles, MPs of British parliament will propose their own Plan B on Feb 14, they can also consider a delay in Brexit as well.

However, Prime Minister’s indication to avoid backstop replacement is unlikely to impress the Members of British Parliament.

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