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What is Customer Service? 

Customer service is support offered to the customers for a better experience. All interactions between the company and a customer are conducted in order to provide and deliver professional services.

The customer is offered assistance before, during and after they buy and use products or services.

The services provided to the customers during and after-sales help them have a comfortable and pleasant experience of dealing with the company. Most brands focus on building a strong customer service department to offer best class services to add value to the purchase experience for the customer and build a long-lasting relationship between the product or service provider and its consumers. 

The direct one-on-one interaction with the consumers while they are making purchase decisions ultimately serves essential to retain the customers and earn their brand loyalty, eventually growing the businesses and brand

A company representative who is providing customer services to the buyer is usually an expert professional with best communication skills. With the emergence of digital and virtual means of communication, the customer services are extended beyond a telephone call and emails.

Nowadays, companies provide customer services via web, text and also digital/social media. Most companies offer customers services through automated self-service systems, which are available round the clock. The option to speak with customer service executives is also available if the self-service system is not able to offer satisfaction to the customers. The customer service department is now an integral part of any business.

With the marketing and consumer relations changing its definitions and expanding horizons, customer services as well have gone beyond making a call and providing support. 

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Why is customer service more important than ever in business? 

Brand Image: The customer service representative speaking directly with your customer is the voice of your brand, and it is imperative how the representative communicates. With so much competition across, customer service is the most important tool to create or destroy the brand reputation. People responsible for providing customer service should be well vested with their own product viz a viz the competitors as this will help them to give the right information and solve problems appropriately.

We should never forget that – It is not the top management, not the marketing team but the customer service agent who is in touch with the end customer. 

Necessary for the long run: Nowadays most of the customers are well educated about the product, and they have a clear mind what are they looking for. Thanks to the digital world for helping us reach here. In this scenario, good customer service is an indirect promise made towards your consumers which the company intends to fulfil by providing products and services. Even if the businesses extend discounts or other offers on their products or services to attract more and more customers, until they have repeat business and high retention numbers, companies will not be able to churn profit for very long. 

Repeat customers: Customer service focuses on bringing the customer back and holding them with the company. For many successful brands, brand awareness is created through the word of mouth and customer service plays a vital role in making the customer pass on the positive and finest feedback to others.

This chain of customers indirectly works as brand ambassadors. They not only purchase the products or services, they always stay connected with the brand, beyond a business relationship. 

Brand loyalty: Today, brands want to offer much more than their products and services. The overall experience is now the driving factor for the consumers in the highly active competitive era.

Today, if a unique product or service is launched, the next day in the market, you will be able to find its competitor coming up with a similar or even better product, offering similar features and services. Therefore, customer service plays a critical role in connecting the customer with the brand in the right way.

Delivering experiences: Good customer service is dedicated to providing a satisfactory experience, but excellent customer service creates unforgettable experiences for the customers. This goes above solving customer problems and providing information to their queries. 

The company representatives in customer service now go beyond just a help desk and create extraordinary experiences for the customer to make the experience memorable one, rather than a tedious one. 

Innovation in offerings: Marketers these days study what competitors are offering and bring in innovation in customer services. One such instance is that because of the coronavirus pandemic, the retail stores are closed, but the consumers are shopping online from the online shop of the brand.

Now to improve the sale of the retail store, the customer service representatives are showcasing products via video call to each separate customer. In this scenario, the customer not just gets to view the products sitting at home but also feels unique with having a dedicated one-on-one video call with the company representative. 

Extra earnings: Extending a top-notch quality support system to the consumers isn't just a trend anymore; it has become a way to stay relevant in a competitive market and also earn some extra revenue.

Marketers in their offerings include exclusive support, premium services and early access to the products such as pre-launch bookings. Customers are also ready to pay extra if they are receiving the benefits while making a purchase decision. 

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What are the recent examples of innovative customer services? 

Google's Hold for Me: Google has launched a new feature wherein Google Assistant will hold the call for you when someone puts your call on hold. Google Assistant will listen to the hold music and those repetitive messages for its users.

Google has started an early preview of the feature exclusively for its Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a (5G) smartphones in the United States. When the phone users call on any toll-free number, and the call goes on hold, Google Assistant will hold the line for you. 

Adidas: Its New York City store is specially designed to provide high-quality customer services. The store is an epitome of enhancing customer experiences with its track for the customers to test shoes, stands for live-game viewing, a juice bar and much more. 

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