Optibiotix Health Plc Set to Take Next Big Leap in Human Microbiome Space

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Optibiotix Health Plc Set to Take Next Big Leap in Human Microbiome Space

 Optibiotix Health Plc Set to Take Next Big Leap in Human Microbiome Space
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  • Optibiotix Health develops products and technology to prevent and manage diseases such as obesity and diabetes.
  • It has an established pipeline of microbiome modulators, which are clinically proven, backed by strong scientific principles, and patented.
  • The company, with over 75 patents across 18 patent families and over 60 trademarks, has an edge over many other players in the segment.

OptiBiotix Health Plc (LON: OPTI), which develops products and technology to prevent and manage diseases such as obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes, is set to take the next big step with its second-generation products in the human microbiome space.  

The award-winning life sciences company boasts of an established pipeline of microbiome modulators that can help prevent diseases. With its slew of offerings and a credible development roadmap, OptiBiotix is poised to capture larger market opportunities.

OptiBiotix was founded almost a decade ago in 2012 and now has a presence in over 160 countries and has over 79 commercial agreements. It has been developing compounds that modify the human microbiome, with the help of technology and successful human trials. The company is globally recognised for studying the microbiome in detail and developing technology to tackle diseases through that.

Scope of work

OptiBiotix is involved in the study of microbiome, which offers key information on how to deal with life-threatening diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The study in this field can also play a role in weight management and improving one’s gut health. With the normal central nervous system (CNS) function linked with healthy gut functions, microbiome is a key aspect to ensure overall wellness. If we delve a bit deeper, early nutrition also plays a significant role in shaping gut microbiota, which is basically a particular location where all micro-organisms are present. These may include the skin or the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

As per some estimates, this life science segment is expected to become one of the world’s fastest growth areas in terms of health innovations in the next decade. There has been strategic interest in the companies working in this area due to the growing importance of the field in ensuring a healthy life. 

Gamut of offering

OptiBiotix has an established pipeline of microbiome modulators that are clinically proven, backed by strong scientific principles and patented. These include SlimBiome®, SlimBiome® Medical, LPLDL®, CholBiome®, LPGOS®, SweetBiotix® and WellBiome. The company, as per its well-defined business strategy, is primarily targeting large markets, which not only have large unmet demand but also possess high-growth opportunities.

Here is a brief of the major offerings:

  • The company’s product SlimBiome®, which is sold as an ingredient, is meant for hunger-free weight management. It promotes healthy metabolism and maintains blood sugar levels.
  • SlimBiome® Medical is a natural supplement to aid effective weight management. It is a CE-marked medical device that contains the SlimBiome®.
  • LPLDL®- Lactobacillus Plantarum LPLDL® helps in improving blood lipid profiles and blood pressure. It is a probiotic strain and one of the few probiotics to achieve full FDA GRAS status. Some independent clinical studies have shown that it is capable of reducing total cholesterol by 36.7 per cent and bad cholesterol by 13.9 per cent.
  • LPGOS® produced by the OptiBiotix LPLDL® strain is a galactooligo saccharide, which can be used as prebiotics.

The company has several other products in the pipeline, including and SweetBiotix® and Microbiome Modulators.

SweetBiotix®, made from natural prebiotic fibres, is a low-calorie alternative to sugar having a clean flavour profile. It is one of the most innovative dietary fibre concepts, capable of addressing public health concerns over the impact of sugar on obesity.

Microbiome Modulators is a technology platform developed by the company, which selectively enhances the growth and functionality of certain microbial variety. This space has been witnessing rising interest for quite some time.

Image Source- Company Website 

How is OptiBiotix outrivalling Microbiome space?

OptiBiotix® is at the leading edge of opportunity of the human microbiome in health with successful product launches and a positive revenue stream. If we compare it with some of its closest competitors in the microbiome space, then the likes of Flinch Therapies, Vedanta, Seres Therapeutics and Probi appear to be way behind, as per the company’s claims.

Here’s a look where OptiBiotix’s competitors stand:

  • Flinch Therapies is a company that is still in the clinical stage. It is yet to launch any product and is in a pre-revenue stage. Though it holds 50 patents, only its lead candidate, CP101, is in late-stage clinical trial.
  • Vedanta Biosciences, a private company, is also in the pre-revenue stage and yet to launch any product. Vedanta holds 34 product patents, and its VE303 programme for C. difficile indication is in the phase 2 trial stage.
  • Seres Therapeutics, which holds 27 patents and has a strong stock market capitalisation of $1.88 billion, has incurred losses for the three months ended 31 March 2021. The company is yet to launch any product. Its SER-109 programme in collaboration with Nestle Health Science for C. difficile indication is in the phase 3 trial stage.
  • Probi AB is into the development, production and delivery of clinically proven probiotics and claims to have spent three decades in the business. The company holds 38 patents in the related field and has also launched some products such as probiotics for gut, bone, and immune health.
  • OptiBiotix, with over 75 patents across 18 patent families and over 60 trademarks, is clearly in an advantageous position compared to its competitors. Its revenues have been growing rapidly with a global partner network that commercialises multiple products in multiple territories under the “manufacture supply agreements”, which allows OptiBiotix to buy from the manufacturer and sell to its distribution partners. This strategy has a much-reduced risk profile with demand exceeding existing capacity. 

Way ahead

OptiBiotix is aiming to commercialise its new-generation products with partners through the establishment of a range of first-generation products and a network of large international partners to generate rapid revenue growth. The company has a strong business model, with established products in its kitty already, and has signed several new deals, besides extending existing partners deals.

The company has a low overhead scalable business model and is gradually moving towards highly innovative second-generation products. OptiBiotix is well-prepared to capture larger market opportunities by offering its potential investors the chance to participate in this growing market opportunity.


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