Graft Polymer IPO: When can you buy shares of this polymer company?

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Graft Polymer IPO: When can you buy shares of this polymer company?

 Graft Polymer IPO: When can you buy shares of this polymer company?
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  • Graft Polymer is planning its debut on the LSE’s main market in early January.
  • After the IPO, the market value of Graft Polymer would reach approximately £22.4 million.
  • The company is planning to offer its shares at £0.215 per share with an aim to raise capital worth £5 million.

Graft Polymer UK (Graft Polymer) plans to launch an IPO on the London Stock Exchange’s main market in early January 2022. The floatation plans of the company follow the consultancy group KPMG report naming London as Europe’s hottest market for new listings.

Graft Polymer IPO

Graft Polymer, which focuses on developing polymer modification and drug delivery systems, is getting ready to get its shares on the Financial Conduct Authority’s official list.

The company will allot and issue 23,255,813 new ordinary shares on admission, which is expected to become effective with the commencement of unconditional dealings on the London Stock Exchange at 8.00 am on 6 January 2022.  

The company is planning to offer its ordinary shares of £0.001 each to the public at £0.215 per share to raise capital worth a gross of £5 million. After the IPO, the market value of Graft Polymer would reach approximately £22.4 million. The broker of the listing is Turner Pope Investments.

The funding raised would be channelised towards further research and development of the polymer modification technology, while the company is already providing its intellectual property (IP) to an array of sectors, ranging from healthcare to automotive.

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Graft Polymer to launch an IPO on LSE

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About Graft Polymer

Established in 2017, Graft Polymer (UK) PLC focuses on its core business of developing polymer modification technology and creates products and solutions which enhance the performance, minimise the usage of raw materials, and improve the physical as well as the chemical value of the end products. The group has a research and marketing facility in Slovenia and serves a wide variety of markets. The worldwide impact modifier market was valued at approximately $3.9 billion last year.

Around three years ago, the group started with commercial sales to polymer compounders across several markets, which include medical, aerospace, automotive, construction, packaging, consumer products, and clothing. With several globally distributed partners, Graft Polymer has substantially increased its geographical footprint, covering Europe, India, and Russia. It strives for collaboration with refiners for the development of grafted products and aims to obtain more long-term orders.

GraftBio, which is a new division of the group, was launched last year for exclusively developing intellectual property targeting Bio or Pharma applications. This included providing better solutions for drug delivery systems, which have been negatively impacted during the pandemic.

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Graft Polymer’s founder and chief executive, Victor Bolduev, said that the group is thrilled to announce its flotation on the LSE’s main market, especially during the times of rising demand for the union of environmental protection and polymer modification. He added that the IPO would potentially help the company to fund its further growth and develop IP and new products for various markets.

The impact modifier market is rapidly increasing, and as of 2020, it was valued at $3.9 billion. Graft Polymer is aiming to increase its market share in this core polymer modifier market through major distributors across the globe. Over 50 Graft Polymer products have already been launched into the market as of now.


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