House Of Commons Voted Down Theresa May’s Deal For A Second Time

  • Mar 13, 2019 GMT
  • Team Kalkine
House Of Commons Voted Down Theresa May’s Deal For A Second Time

Parliament of the United Kingdom once again outvoted the British Prime Minister Theresa May Brexit deal by a humongous margin on Tuesday night. She witnessed rejection for her deal by 391 votes to 242, a preponderance of 149 votes.

Around 75 MPs out of Theresa May Tory party joined hand with the opposition parties to defeat British Prime Minister EU divorce deal for a second time.

The forthcoming days are going to be unpredictable, as MPs of the House going to vote on whether to split-out from EU bloc without any formal deal or invoke the extension of Article 50 to delay Brexit from its scheduled day of Mar 29, 2019.

Theresa May was under the impression that changes in her deal which she had negotiated with the European Council at the last minute on Monday night, would get her deal pass through the British Parliament.

Post the MPs voted down Prime Minister's deal, Theresa May said: “she deeply repents the fact that the House has opted to vote against her new deal.”

 While she was struggling to speak as she was losing her voice, she said: "she nevertheless vehemently believes that the best deal for the UK is to leave the European bloc in an orderly manner, with a formal agreement with the EU."

The opposition leader in the Parliament, Jerome Corbyn said over the defeat of May's deal, that Prime Minister's time is up now. She has run down the clock, and now the clock has been run out of her, he added.

Jerome Corbyn also suggested for a general election as well. As he believes the new government can solve this contentious issue quickly.

With only 16days left for Brexit, yesterday’s vote at the British Parliament has raised the higher chances of either No-deal Brexit or Extension of Article 50, which is again subject to approval from the rest 27 European Union member states.

The European Council President said that the European Union is disappointed by tonight's vote at the UK's Parliament and he added that "at our part, we have done all that could be possible to reach an agreement with Britain, and now it is tough to see what else we can do."

Breakdown of how members voted last night.

In favour of May’s Brexit deal: 235 MPs of Conservatives, 3 MPs of Labour and 4 Independent MPs.

Against the May’s Brexit deal:  75 MPs of Conservatives, 238 MPs of Labour, 35 MPs of Scottish National Party, 11 MPs Liberal Democrats, 10 MPs of Democratic Union Party, 4 MPs of Plaid Cymru, 17 MPs of Independent, and 1 MP of Green Party.

Many of the European leaders have expressed their discontent over the parliament’s decision to vote down British Prime Minister Brexit deal, post additional assurance from the European Union.

Chief Brexit negotiator of European Union, Michel Barnier, has forewarned the British lawmakers that the UK will crash out of the European bloc on March 09, 2019.

Market participants reacted adversely post the result of vote announced, British Sterling tumbled near about 0.6 per cent against the dollar and fell below $1.31.


As per promise made by the British Prime Minister last month, Members of the House will vote today on whether they support a Brexit without any agreement with the European Union, if they vote against a no-deal Brexit another vote is expected tomorrow, in which Members will decide whether they support the extension of Article 50 to delay Brexit from its scheduled date of March 29, 2019.

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