5 top dividend-paying metal stocks for 2021


  • Improved pace of the vaccination campaign is likely to boost the production and supply levels of the metal and mining industry.
  • Some TSX-listed mining companies post low debt-to-equity ratios and positive cash flow .
  • Regular dividend payments can also draw investor attention to these stocks. 

In the wake of an improving inoculation pace, industries like mining and exploration are expected to slowly return to their pre-pandemic levels of production and operations. This, in turn, is likely to drive up the demand and supply for these metals.

In this context, let us explore some metal and mining stocks from the Toronto Stock Exchange that are also known to pay regular dividends.

  1. Endeavour Mining plc (TSX: EDV)

Endeavour Mining, as a major gold-producing enterprise, has a strong mining foothold in Western Africa. The firm is scheduled to pay its next set of dividends of US$ 0.28 apiece on September 28 this year.

Stocks of Endeavour Mining closed at a value of C$ 28.8 apiece on August 12, 2021, marginally close to its 52-week high of C$ 28.9.

Endeavour Mining posted a revenue of US$ 753.4 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2021, up from US$ 210 million in Q2 FY20. Its adjusted net earnings were C$ 183.1 million in the latest quarter.

Endeavour (EDV) holds a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 15.7.

  1. Centerra Gold Inc (TSX: CG)

The gold producing company, which operates in geographies across Asia and North America, held a market cap of C$ 2.7 billion and a closing stock price of C$ 9.17.

Centerra Gold is set to roll out its next set of quarterly dividends of C$ 0.07 apiece on September 8, 2021.

Centerra Gold registered a revenue of US$ 202.3 million in Q2 FY2021, up from that of US$ 130 million in Q2 FY2020 by 56 per cent year-over-year (YoY). Its net earnings from mine operations were US$ 64.9 million in the latest quarter.

The gold producing company held an earning per share (EPS) of 2.37 and a P/E ratio of 4.

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  1. Jaguar Mining Inc. (TSX: JAG)

Canadian Jaguar Mining, which primarily conducts its exploration and mining operations in Brazil, saw its stock close at C$ 4.7 apiece on August 12.

At this price, JAG stock noted a one-year growth of roughly 30 per cent.

Jaguar Mining recently announced a quarterly dividend of C$ 0.04 apiece, which it is set to pay on August 30.

The mining firm saw a revenue of US$ 36.3 million in Q2 FY2021, which was down from that of US$ 42.5 million in Q2 FY2020 by 15 per cent YoY. Its net income for the latest quarter was US$ 2.9 million.

The company attributed the decline in its quarterly revenue to a 19 per cent YoY fall in gold sales. Its free cash flow was US$ 5.8 million in the same quarter.

The metal and mining scrip held an EPS of 1.21 and a return on equity (ROE) of 37.73 per cent.

  1. Altius Minerals Corporation (TSX: ALS)

Altius Minerals Corporation, which focuses its business on metals like copper, cobalt, potash, etc., held a market cap of C$ 735.42 million and closing stock price of C$ 17.73 on August 12.

In its latest quarterly report, Altius Minerals posted a royalty revenue of C$ 21.8 million for Q2 FY2021, up from C$ 13.03 million in Q2 FY2020.

Altius shareholders are expected to be paid a quarterly dividend of C$ 0.07 apiece on September 15, 2021. This dividend is said to have noted a growth of 14.27 in the past five years.

The mining firm held a debt-to-equity (D/E) ratio of 0.31 and a P/B ratio of 1.82.

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  1. Franco-Nevada Corporation (TSX: FNV)

Franco-Nevada Corporation, a precious metal-oriented royalty and investment company, is set to pay its investors a quarterly dividend of US$ 0.3 apiece on September 30 this year. Its dividend yield stood at 0.7 per cent, while its five-year dividend growth was 4.09.

FNV stocks, meanwhile, closed at a value of C$ 194.1 apiece on August 12, trading roughly seven per cent below its 52-week high of C$ 206.3 apiece (August 18, 2020).

On the financial front, Franco-Nevada posted a revenue of US$ 347.1 million in Q2 FY2021, which was up by 78 per cent YoY. Its net income for the latest quarter was US$ 175.3 million.

In Q2 FY2021, the mining enterprise also noted a 59.9 per cent YoY increase in ounces of gold sold.

Franco-Nevada held an EPS of 4.01, an ROE of 10.78 per cent, and a return of assets (ROA) of 10.53 per cent.

Bottom line

Although the bonus of a regular dividend interests investors, one should bear in mind that a company can choose to put a halt in its dividend payment cycle at any given point. Amid the pandemic, we have seen quite a few companies do that due to financial crunch.



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