AIA, AIR, THL: 3 stocks under lens as border crossings rise in June

Stats NZ data has revealed that border crossings continue to rise in June,Border crossings have increased since restrictions were eased,Travel companies could feel the impact of this trend,According to Stats NZ’s latest data, border crossings continued to...

ATM, SML, FCG: Dairy stocks in news after FDA's move against ATM

The US Food and Drug Administration has deferred ATM’s request to import formula products into the country, which has led to a significant dip in the latter’s share prices. Meanwhile, apart from ATM, SML and FCG are leading NZ dairy companies.

SEK, PWG, LIC: Focus on agri stocks as farmer confidence dips

Farmers have been hit by supply chain disruptions and rising costs This has made farmer confidence low Another concern of farmers is the climate change policy

MWE, DGL, FWL- Why are these NZX wine stocks grabbing attention?

Owing to the COVID-related restrictions, The Marlborough Wine and Food Festival which was being cancelled for the last two years, will now be held in 2023. MWE, DGL, and FWL are renowned NZX wine stocks.

SML, FCG, ATM: 3 dairy stocks amid drop in GDT price index

Dairy prices fell for the fourth consecutive time in the global auction The GDT price index fell 5% This could lead milk companies to revise their forecasts

AIR, AIA, SKO: Why are these NZX travel stocks grabbing attention?

Thick fog blanketed Auckland this morning, many flights were cancelled, and restrictions have now been lifted. Air New Zealand to unveil its 2022 annual results later this month. Serko plans to organise its annual meeting in a hybrid mode.

CVT, MFB, KMD: Consumer stocks to watch as annual wage inflation jumps

The wages have lifted over the past year across New Zealand, with industries like manufacturing, healthcare, etc., having strong wage increases. Meanwhile, CVT, MFB, and KMD are renowned consumer stocks on NZX.

BFG, GSH, RBD, MFB: Hospitality stocks in focus as grocery prices rise

Prices of ready-to-eat and takeaways increased 4.4% to meet rising costs This is impacting the overall consumer price index RBD, a fast-food chain, has downgraded its profit guidance

ATM, FCG, SML: How are these dairy stocks faring on NZX?

New Zealand’s dairy sector is a big export earner It is a NZ$21.6-billion industry Recently, SML increased its forecast for the base milk price

CVT, DGL, SAN: NZX consumer stocks in news as inflation goes sky-high

The surging prices of petrol and high interest rates have taken a toll on NZ households. the cost of living for average household have grew 7.4% in June 2022. CVT, DGL, SAN are the consumer stocks discussed in this article.