What is MetaVPad crypto? Know METAV price prediction & staking

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What is MetaVPad crypto? Know METAV price prediction & staking

What is MetaVPad crypto?
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  • Metaverse is the latest crypto sensation and MetaVPad claims to be an incubator for new projects
  • MetaVPad crypto IDO will soon be launched over multiple decentralized exchange platforms
  • Metaverse and blockchain gaming have close ties, and AXS token has gained immensely in 2021

If 2021 was about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their linked projects like Axie Infinity, 2022 may well be the year of metaverse coins.

Metaverse is not all about blockchain or cryptocurrencies, but there seems to be a close link. Isn’t gaming a virtual reality thing? A few blockchain games like The Sandbox and Decentraland are bridging the gap between virtual reality and blockchain. Native crypto tokens of these projects have gained in 2021.

The latest addition to this category is the MetaVPad project.

What is MetaVPad?

On its official website, the project cites metaverse as its heart. MetaVPad claims to serve as an incubator for new promising metaverse projects. Not many details have been provided, but the project seems to be tilted toward cross-blockchain solutions. Multi-chain means interoperability over a number of blockchain networks, both of DeFi projects and tokens.

What is MetaVPad crypto? Know METAV price prediction & staking

MetaVPad aims to be a deflationary crypto project by having in place fee for token sales, and distribution of a portion of this fee among stakers.

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What is MetaVPad crypto?

METAV is the native token of MetaVPad project. The initial DEX offering (IDO) of MetaVPad has yet to begin, and the project commits to start with US$170,000 worth of tokens.

The IDO would utilize the services of BSCPad, ADAPad and a few other decentralized exchange service providers. MetaVPad IDO will be a closely watched event considering the project’s focus on metaverse.

MetaVPad crypto price prediction

METAV token has yet to be launched. Considering that the project will have a very small market cap of a few hundred thousand dollars in the beginning, predicting price change in the near-term is complex.

But as the project claims to enter metaverse space with incubation facilities for others, price in the longer run will depend on MetaVPad adoption. A boom in blockchain gaming may appreciate METAV price.

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What is staking in cryptocurrencies?

MetaVPad and numerous other crypto projects talk about staking.

Staking crypto holding is nothing but earning some money from the holding without having to liquidate it over a crypto exchange like Coinbase. Staking is the heart of the proof-of-stake consensus protocol.

Staking leads to validation of transactions and validation leads to creation of new blocks. The validators are rewarded in the process. MetaVPad also has staking features.

Rise of metaverse

Metaverse is a fictional world where users can own digital assets. These digital assets are in the form of NFTs. A few projects in metaverse are underpinned by blockchain. These projects are allowing ownership of assets like a virtual bank or gas station in the virtual reality gaming world.

Price of AXS crypto in 2021

Recently, SoftBank pumped money in one such metaverse project, The Sandbox. The other key player in the sector is Axie Infinity. A blockchain game, Axie allows gamers to own NFT creatures, which can be listed on platforms like OpenSea for resale purposes. Axie Infinity’s AXS token has gained multifold in 2021.

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Bottom line

MetaVPad can be said to be jumping onto the metaverse bandwagon. The sector already has a number of players including billion-dollar market cap projects like AXS. MetaVPad crypto IDO will likely be the first major step the project takes to compete with other giants. It claims to be an incubator for metaverse projects, with rewards for users when they stake their crypto holding.


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