Want to mine crypto on your phone? Here are 5 apps to help you

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Want to mine crypto on your phone? Here are 5 apps to help you

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  • The process of creating new digital currency units is known as crypto mining.
  • It's easy to get started with mobile crypto mining. All you need is a smartphone and mining apps.
  • You could use your smartphone while waiting for your reward as the app runs in the background.

You've probably heard about crypto mining if you have even a passing interest in the cryptocurrency realm. The process of creating new digital currency units is known as crypto mining.

Crypto mining typically requires the use of powerful computers. However, as technology advances, crypto mining is now achievable with the help of an Android phone.

You must be wondering, "does this mobile crypto mining work?" What makes this possible? Let’s look at few apps that allow people to carry out crypto mining on phone.

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What are the most popular crypto-mining apps?

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MinerGate Mobile Miner

MinerGate Mobile Miner is a highly user-friendly smartphone version of the famous MinerGate cryptocurrency mining client for desktop PCs. It supports a wide range of crypto coins including QuazarCoin, Monero, MonetaVerde, Bitcoin, FantomCoin, Bytecoin, Dashcoin, Infinium-8, and DigitalNote. Users can save their coins in the app's built-in wallet.

Crypto Miner

Crypto Miner supports a broader range of algorithms and cryptocurrencies, including Skeincoin, Bitcoin, Helixcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Yacoin, Quarkcoin, Groestlcoin, and others.


To utilise NeoNeon Miner, you must first join a crypto mining pool. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Feathercoin, Vertcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are supported.

AA Miner

It accepts over 50 different cryptocurrencies, including DigitalNote, Bitcoin, Bytecoin, Dash, FantomCoin, and Litecoin. AA Miner claims to have developed the "most profitable mining" algorithm, CryptoNight, which may be used to mine Bytecoin, Monero, and other altcoins.

Pocket Miner

Pocket Miner from LitecoinPool.org can be the mining app for you if you don't plan to move between cryptocurrencies frequently. On LitecoinPool's servers, there is just one cryptocurrency supported: Litecoin.

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To get started with mobile crypto mining, all you need is a smartphone and mining apps. The disadvantage is that these mining apps reduce the overall functionality of your phone and may even result in malfunction.

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