Norton crypto mining services: All you need to know

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Norton crypto mining services: All you need to know

Norton crypto mining
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  • Norton is a popular anti-virus that has recently launched a crypto mining feature
  • For now, users can mine Ether crypto using Norton, but services can be broadened in future
  • Ether is trading at subdued price level right now due to high competition from Solana and others

The world of cryptocurrencies is only growing further with each passing day. The traditional world has come to terms with this emerging asset class.

After Microsoft, which has declared its intent to compete with Facebook in the metaverse sector, a top antivirus player, Norton, has also entered the crypto space. What is Norton crypto, what is Norton crypto mining, and such other questions are flooding the internet.

Is Microsoft and Norton entering crypto space the push cryptos need after a slow start in 2022? Let’s find out more.

Which crypto can be mined using Norton?

The popular anti-virus software presently supports mining of Ethereum, the second largest crypto currently in the market.

The company has claimed on its official website that its ecosystem would enable mining of other crypto assets in the near-to-medium term. But for now, miners can be happy to use Norton to get hold of Ether that rose multi-fold in value in 2021.

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How to mine crypto using Norton?

The company claims that any computer, which has the software installed and meets specific specification can be used to mine Ether. Mining can be done when the computer is not in use for other tasks, and is what Norton says is in ‘idle’ state.

The paid membership of Norton software is a pre-requisite to use it for mining Ether.

Mined cryptos’ transfer

Norton assures easy transferability of mined Ether cryptocurrency to crypto wallet of Coinbase.

This is an essential feature considering cryptos can be turned into a tradable asset using services of any dedicated crypto exchange. Here, the holder can sell cryptos at an appreciated price.

What is Norton crypto fee?

The company says that miners would be levied the mining fee and a fee for transferring the mined Ether coins to exchange platforms. A 15 per cent fee is payable on every mined crypto asset, while the fee for transferring an asset would depend on any network’s gas fee.

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Ether crypto price prediction

Ether, the native token of popular blockchain network Ethereum, has underperformed so far in 2022.

After appreciating almost 450 per cent in 2021, Ether is down from nearly US$3,700 to US$3,100 on a YTD basis. Solana and other new blockchain networks are in part responsible for the dip in Ether. But if Ethereum’s complete shift to proof-of-stake consensus can add more value, Ether might rise to almost US$5,000 by the end of quarter one.


A wider bearish trend is also underway in cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin also having lost value in 2022.

Ether crypto price in 2022

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Bottom line

Norton crypto features are easy for amateur miners that want to put the idle computer to use. The crypto mining services of the anti-virus have just begun, and only time will tell if users could mine enough of Ether coins using it.


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