Samsung aims to go green with recycled material in Galaxy mobiles


  • Samsung has launched "Galaxy for the Planet," a sustainable vision to create a cleaner ecosystem across its mobile communications business.
  • The company has declared major targets to achieve reduced levels of resource depletion during the entire lifecycle of Galaxy products by 2025.

The general health of the environment is deteriorating with every passing day due to the continuous resource depletion and aggravated industrial activities. The need of the hour is to opt for sustainable development over environment degradation.

Samsung Electronics has taken a big step in this direction to support a healthy planet. The world's largest smartphone vendor has announced "Galaxy for the Planet," a sustainable vision to create a cleaner Galaxy ecosystem across its mobile communications business. The new launch falls in line with the company’s commitment to be more watchful of its actions that cause harm to the ecological balance.

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Driven by the intent to pursue concrete eco-friendly steps, the new vision will guide its sustainability drive for the company’s Mobile Communications Business. The company aims to engage in sustainable development practices across its mobile product lifecycles and business operations.

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Samsung earmarks its sustainable goals

Major targets have been pronounced by the company to achieve reduced levels of resource depletion during the entire lifecycle, from production to disposal, of Galaxy products.

  • Samsung will utilise recycled materials across all new mobile products by 2025. The company will take into account the strength and aesthetics as well as the durability of recycled materials before employing them in its products.
  • The company plans to replace its conventional methods of device packaging with environment-safe solutions which will have zero traces of plastic use. No amount of plastic will be used by Samsung in mobile packaging by 2025.

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  • With the use of energy-saving technology, Samsung wishes to decrease standby power consumption of all smartphone chargers to below 0.005W by 2025.
  • Samsung is working in the direction to reduce waste generation at its units to zero by 2025. The company is also aiming to decrease e-waste by optimising the product lifecycle, enhancing product design processes, and through Certified Re-Newed, Galaxy Upcycling, Trade-In programs, and other initiatives.

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Samsung plans to pull off the above mentioned eco-conscious goals successfully by working in collaboration with its partners across sectors and industries.

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Bottom Line
‘Galaxy for the Planet’ is a fine example of an innovative solution to protect the planet for generations to come. The sustainable vision unveiled by Samsung will augur well for development as well as environment without scarring the Earth.

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