Flight Centre Travel Group

  • Dec 06, 2019 AEDT
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Flight Centre Travel Group

Well known as one of the largest travel groups in the world, the Flight Centre Travel Group Limited, this group was founded in 1982 and operates out of its head office in Brisbane, Australia.

Through various retail and corporate names, FCTG has nearly 2,800 stores and offices. In terms of its outreach and locations, the brand is well spread out. It covers most of the countries like New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and USA. It also has its operations on the other side of the world like Hong Kong, India, Singapore, China and the United Arab Emirates along with other many locations.

FCTG has licensee agreements under the corporate brand, FCM Travel Solutions, in another 80 countries.

About the group and its verticals

The Flight Center Travel Group (ASX: FLT) is involved in providing services in both recreational and corporate travel. It also is active in wholesale travel retailing. The European section covers UK, Ireland and Netherlands enterprises. The U.S. division includes companies in the U.S. and Mexico. The remaining portion of the planet involves the collection of a number of regional companies. The Other section covers companies that support the global network headquartered in Brisbane. This runs Australia's supermarket, corporate and wholesale brands.

It operates under a plethora of leisure travel brands like the Flight Center, Escape Travel, Student Flights, Travel Associates and Cruiseabout. Brands such as Travel Money, Campus Travel and 4th Dimension are included in its corporate business.

The organization now has over 30 brands, including the leisure travel brand of the flagship Flight Center and Liberty, the legendary group of US travel agencies. Corporate Traveler and FCM are major corporate brands.

It also has wholesale brands namely Infinity Holidays and Explore Holidays which are under its umbrella. It is also active in activities such as recruitment advertising and retailing of motorcycles.

Since beginning in the early 1980s with one store, FLT has experienced impressive continuing growth under its founder and CEO, Graham "Skroo" Turner. In 1995, the group was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

In addition to winning a range of other business and travel agency honors in Australia and abroad, the company has been twice awarded the best employer in Australia.

The Flight Centre Travel Group generated a record twenty four billion Australian dollars in total transaction volume during the 2019 fiscal year. It also provided an underlying profit before tax of close to three hundred fifty million Australian dollars.

Vision and Mission

They have been striving to become the most exciting and successful travel retailer in the world. For this they aim to provide all their stakeholders - their staff, customers and their partners with memorable and incredible personal experiences. At the very heart and core of their operations is a passion, drive and motivation for spreading travel love and opening up the world for those who want to see.

The cornerstones of the potential success of the company have fallen in place over the years of its existence and operations. What further aids to its continuous growth is a successful business model, Its ten key values and philosophies, and the recognizable name of Flight Center. This has helped shape a global travel community worth more than twenty billion dollars in the times that are today.

Business Model

The foundation of the organizational structure of the Flight Center is Community, Village, Tribe's stone age definition. Their architecture, with open leaders, is plain, lean, flat and transparent.

Their business model is one of the strongest and largest small business operators in the world. It turned out to be the most significant crossroad for the growth of the organization when their business model was introduced in the mid-1990s.

This provided the foundation for the Flight Center group to be able to smoothly move from a small business to a bigger, better one. It was also able to be the benchmark of corporate performance. So much so that even to this day, businesses houses see Flight Center as a example of an outstandinf business model and the smooth and effective organizational structure.


Leisure Brands

A variety of leisure travel brands are run by the Flight Center Travel Group. The flagship product Flight Center is also present around the world in ten other countries.

Via its leisure brands, the group is able to cater to and service its niche markets within the travel industry. The products Flight Center and Escape Travel are intended for the mass market. Student Flights and My Adventure Shop is fir the youth market and Premium Travel Associates and Cruiseabout are for the cruise industry. It operates via various brands such as Universal travel, travel managers, travel smart, BYOJet, Top Desk etc.

(Image source: http://www.fctgl.com/)

Corporate Brands

Corporate travel is an important part of the travel industry and the highly successful corporate travel brands of the group represent an ever-growing share of the overall revenue and benefit of the group. Under this umbrella they host major hosts six major brands that cater to all sizes of organizations across different industries. The global network under the corporate side expands worldwide covering over 90 countries and comprises of office owned by the company and strategic? licensing agencies.

(Image source: http://www.fctgl.com/)


Flight Center Travel Group operates a range of wholesale brands that sell their product to their national and international network or retail outlets for travel. It operates through brands of infinity group, explore holidays and GOGO vacations.

(Image source: http://www.fctgl.com/)

Other Business

Flight Center Travel Group has also diversified into various ancillary travel-related areas. It is involved in areas such as foreign currency trading and travel academies. It is also active in sectors where the unique business model works, including recruitment marketing and bicycle retailing. They also look into employee benefit companies. Brands under the other businesses are Travel Money OZ, Money Wise, 99 Bikes, Advance traders, Flight center travel academy etc.

The brand has over its existence of over 35 years now, expanded and grown into the success that it is today and has seen its share of updates and transitions. Undoubtedly they are also a contributing member of the United Nations Global Compact.

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