RAMP crypto’s volume balloons 1,000%. What is its price prediction?


  • RAMP crypto’s 24-hour volume skyrocketed by 1,000 per cent to 37 million on Friday, July 23. 
  • The DeFi project deals in ERC-20 tokens and non-Ethereum crypto tokens by integrating with Binance’s smart chain.
  • Crypto experts predict that RAMP crypto price could swell to US$ 5 apiece by 2025. 

RAMP’s native token saw its one-day volume skyrocket by over 1,000 per cent on Friday, July 23. The token’s price soared as much as 25 per cent to US$ 0.1753 apiece on Thursday, July 22. 

RAMP is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project developed over Ethereum’s blockchain and integrated with Binance Smart Chain.

Its DeFi protocol enables non-Ethereum crypto investors to stake ECR-20 tokens. Blockchain users can earn electronic USD by staking stablecoins into RAMP’s liquidity pool. 

The blockchain-powered platform has surpassed staking worth US$ 300 billion so far. In March 2021, the Ethereum-listed project integrated its liquidity pool with Binance Chain and launched it on decentralized exchanges like JulSwap and PancakeSwap.

RAMP price performance

RAMP DeFi’s utility token is currently trading at US$ 0.158248 apiece, with a 24-hour volume of about US$ 37 million.

The crypto climbed 12 per cent in the last 24 hours and is ranking at the 364th position out of 11,025 tokens on CoinMarketCap. RAMP holds a market cap of US$ 58 million.

Its current supply of tokens stands at 368 million, representing 36.8 per cent of its fixed supply of 1 billion RAMP coins.

The token commenced trading in October 2020 when the second cryptocurrency market boom took off. It has soared 353 per cent year-to-date (YTD) and swelled 895 per cent listing-to-date. 

What is RAMP crypto’s price prediction?

As for price predictions, RAMP is expected to rebound to US$ 1 apiece by 2022. The DeFi token achieved its all-time high of US$ 1.03 apiece in April 2021. 

In the long-term price forecast, some experts believe it has the potential to grow over US$ 5 apiece by 2025 on the back of rising staking activities in the crypto market. Autonomous exchanges-listed tokens surge may also boost RAMP’s value in the upcoming years. 

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How secure is the RAMP platform?

RAMP team partners with the Crust Network to secure its blockchain-listed data storage. The open-source project has a specialization to provide liquidity on its users’ digital token holdings.

Crust offers the advanced layer procedure to ensure reorganized data is available on RAMP’s DeFi platform. Thus, the multiple storage layers are said to make the blockchain technology network secure and difficult to crack.

How to buy RAMP crypto?

RAMP token is currently trading on crypto exchanges like Binance, FTX, Hotcoin Global and on decentralized exchanges such as UniSwap and Gate.io.

Users can buy and sell RAMP crypto through fiat currency (USD), stablecoins like Tether (USDT) and Binance USD (BUSD), as well as Bitcoin and Ether. 



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