Scancell Holdings Plc To Speed Up Cancer Detection 

Scancell Holdings Plc To Speed Up Cancer Detection 

Scancell Holdings PLC

Scancell Holdings Plc (SCLP) is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures and markets cancer treatment products. The company offers SCIB1, a cancer vaccine that is used in the treatment of melanoma. Its product stimulates immune responses to the lung cancer antigen NY-ESO-1. It provides products for the treatment of oesophageal, liver, gastric, prostate, ovarian and bladder cancers. The company operates in Nottingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds and Southampton.

Recent News

The first, called ImmunoBody, has enabled it to produce a potential vaccine for the treatment of melanoma. Its second platform, Moditope, targets advanced or hard-to-treat cancers. Both have shown considerable promise in early studies. The company Chief Executive, Cliff Holloway, said that the company now needed to translate the exceptional pre-clinical and lab data into clinical results.

The company’s shares were down over the past year, driven by the part to the delayed start of a US clinical trial for SCIB1, a vaccine candidate generated from the ImmunoBody technology platform.

Financial Highlights (H1 FY2019, £)

(Source: Interim Reports, Company Website)

In H1 FY19, the overall operating loss stood at £3.68 million, an increase as compared to the H1 FY18 of £2.39 million. During the six-month period, increased in the development expenditure, reflects that the company prepares for the future clinical trials with Modi-1 and SCIB1. The surge in the administrative expenditure, due to an increase in the price of patent costs and licence fees. The rise in the price of patent costs was mainly driven by the continued extension and protection of its intellectual property (IP) portfolio. The loss for the period stood at £3.24 million.

On 31st October 2018, the cash at bank stood at £7,576,855, a decrease from the previous year same period data and net assets declined to £11,926,996.

Share Price Performance

Daily Chart as at June-10-19, before the market closed (Source: Thomson Reuters)

At the time of writing (as on June 10, 2019, at 4:25 PM GMT), shares of SCLP were quoting at GBX 5.425/share and added 9.60 per cent against the yesterday's closing price level. The outstanding market capitalisation of the company stood at around £20.36 million. The company’s stock beta was negative 0.46, reflecting a negative correlation of the stock with the benchmark index.

In the last 52-wks, shares of SCLP have registered a high of GBX 15.43 (as on Jun 12, 2018) and a low of GBX 3.00 (as on May 08, 2019). At the current trading level, as quoted in the price chart, its shares are trading 64.84% below the 52wk high price level and 80.83% above the 52wk low price level.

Today's volume in the stock (before the market close, at the time of writing) stood at 341,012. However, the 5-day average daily volume traded in the stock was at 144,962.40, which was 90.33% below the 30-day average daily volume of 1,499,081.53 traded on the London Stock Exchange.

From the SMA standpoint (simple moving average), at the time of writing, its shares were trading marginally above the 30-days SMA. However, they were trading considerably below the 60-days and 200-days SMA, which indicates a negative trend in the stock price and carrying the potential to move down further from the current trading levels.

In the past 1 year, shares of SCLP have delivered a negative price return of 66.21%. However, on a year-to-date basis, the stock was down by approximately 45.75% and declined by 20.80% in the past three months.

Share's RSI for the 30-days, 14-days and 9-days were hovering at a normal range and stood at 46.27, 49.24 and 49.16 respectively. However, 3-days RSI of the stock stood at 42.65.


At the end of the prior fiscal year, the company has raised the funds and in the beginning of this current period, it has enabled the company to move towards regulatory approvals for the beginning of the SCIB1 checkpoint inhibitor mixture of Phase 2 study in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Patents awarded regarding the Moditope platform. The company is doing the on-going collaborations, which reflects that the group are now well established to develop Moditope bases therapeutics, like adoptive T-cell therapies and vaccines, with the potential to address the unmet need over the wide range of hard to treat cancers.

The group’s new senior management appointments of Adrian Parry (Head of Manufacturing) and Samantha Paston (Head of Research) offers additional expertise to permit the transition of the goods from the laboratory to the clinic.

The data generated from these clinical studies, if positive, will allow the Company to create new value which can subsequently be realised through the negotiation of commercial transactions. To maintain this trajectory, the company will continue to explore additional funding options to ensure that the development programmes continue to be properly resourced.

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