The Future Trends of Cannabidiol With Focus On Exactus Inc

The Future Trends of Cannabidiol With Focus On Exactus Inc


Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, which in very recent times is gaining significance as a potent biochemical with multiple medicinal applications. In experimental studies it has been proved that this substance when isolated from cannabis does not have any psychotropic properties. Recently a cannabidiol containing drug called Epidiolex has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of two types of Epilepsy related disorders. However, cannabis remains a psychotropic substance and its sale, distribution and usage remains illegal in almost all countries of the world. By 2018 however, enough clinical trial data exists to prove that Cannabidiol or CBD can be safely used for medical use without the risk of being affected by the psychotropic effects associated with cannabis.

Cannabis or Hemp has been known to be a psychotropic substance for ages. The most harmful property of this substance is its ability effect cognitive abilities of the person using it, plus it will also addictive making the person dependent on it till he becomes terminally incapacitated. Due to these properties of raw cannabis and its effect on society at large, government have largely taken a negative stance on this substance and have restricted the cultivation, processing and even possession of this substance like most other known psychotropic substances. This restriction on possession had also restricted to an extent investigation into its biochemical properties, which if known in the past could have led to the discoveries of medicines long ago that we have available today.

As information about the medicinal properties of this substance spread, a number of countries have recently relaxed their regulations relating to the possession and usage of this substance, partly to help researchers who are working to refine their work through field experimental studies, and partly to provide relief to patients who are suffering on account of unavailability of suitable alternative medication where Cannabidiol is an active pharmacological ingredient. Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America have taken the lead in this regard and providing enough support to research work taking place. The use of the ingredient is still banned however, for use in food and dietary supplements.

The ingredient can be administered into the human body either as smoke, vapor, aerosol spray, as oil or as solids in the form of capsules. There has been some preliminary research that suggest that this substance can actually reduce the ill effects of cannabis usage. However, it has been observed that its usage may cause diarrhoea, change of appetite, insomnia and fatigue. The substance is extracted from the cannabis plant and constitutes nearly 40 per cent of its extracts and has such types of chemical structures that are only found in this plant species.

Other than its use in medicines for treatment of Epilepsy, the substance finds usage in other places as well. This substance has particularly been found useful against neurological disorders, although an FDA approved formulation is still a few years away on account of insufficient clinical data. This substance or products containing this substance are not recommended for use by pregnant woman or woman who are nursing, as sufficient clinical data is still not available in this regard.

The market for the product has started to expand exponentially with increasing quantity of clinical data proving the efficacy of this biochemical agent against known human ailments. The market of this product is particularly growing in the advanced markets of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, rest of West European countries and Australia. Other countries taking cues from the advanced countries are also actively reviewing their policies in order to allow usage of products containing this substance. In this regard it can be said that the market potential for the products of this commodity is very big. It is also highly likely that pharmaceutical majors may soon make big investments into developing therapeutics based on this biochemical agent. New rules and regulations must however be formed to regulate this substance in light of what we know about it now so that its benefits may be spread far and wide while the ill effects of raw cannabis may be restricted.

Exactus Inc

Exactus Inc is a Florida based pharmaceuticals company that is focused on cannabis derived Cannabidiol drugs for use in specific ailments in epilepsy, neurological disorders and cancer. The company’s products are sold through the Exactus brand and its farms are located in the state of Oregon.

However, the company was not into Cannabidiol since the beginning of its establishment. The company also has an active business of providing point of care diagnostic tools that make use of its proprietary patented technology to analyse with a single drop of blood, multiple bio-metric markers to diagnose multiple ailments. The products available with the brand name FibriLyzer provide simple and affordable solutions to assess the fibrinolytic status of patients and is extremely useful in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedics, heart diseases, stroke, surgery related trauma and other chronic coronary diseases. A new product in this category is also in the pipeline with the company, called MatriLyzer, which will be able to detect the initial occurrence or the recurrence of cancer during routine health office visits. The apparatus detects elevated levels of collagenase. This enzyme that degrades collagen, have been proven to be an early hallmark of cancer, and its detection can lead to early initiation of treatment in patients.

The company, however, is one of the early bird companies that has jumped into the Cannabidiol research bandwagon, realising the potential of its usage in the treatment of multiple ailments. The company has invested heavily in the cultivation of Hemp and the extraction of Cannabidiol. It has leased 200 acres facility for the cultivation of hemp, with 100 acres in Southwest Oregon Rogue Valley and 100 acres in Illinois Valley. The company also has a strategic tie up with Ceed2Med which is a cultivator using scientific methods of cultivation and takes care of production of Cannabidiol on behalf of Exactus.

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