Autins Group

  • Dec 24, 2019 GMT
  • Team Kalkine
Autins Group
About the Group

The Autins Group dates to its establishment in the year 1966. Initially the group was set up to provide Automotive Insulation Solutions and gained a significant name in the industry for the manufacturing of parts for the original Mini, which was one of its first clients. Today the Automotive Group stands strong with over fifty years of best in class and rich experience.

Since then the company has successfully grown and expanded into multiple sectors like flooring, medical and interior design amongst others. The Autins group has also spread its footprint across the globe with manufacturing and sales setups in The United Kingdom, Germany and the country of Sweden. Technical partners for the group are also set across Asia and The United States of America.

The Autins Group has come a long way and today the world best brands have their faith in the company. The trust is visibly evident when we have a look at the names that are on Autins’ customer data base. Renowned names like Volvo, Aston Martin and many more automobile giants are very satisfied and content with the qualitative and varied range of services and products provided by the organization.

Group Vision and Value

The Autins Group seeks to provide best in class services to its clients in fields of thermal solutions and acoustic solutions. They envision to create a space that has a reduced pattern of noise and thermal energy loss. The aim is to make the world a place of comfort, with qualitative and high standards of living and working.

There is a firm belief of abiding by the values within the organization. They have a set of six core values that define the culture and ethics by which the group functions. Expertise forms their first value pillar, there is a firm belief in promoting talent that outshines in terms of knowledge and skill. Creativity is another important value the group exhibits, there is a strong belief in using innovative and creative ideas to deliver solutions. Accountability and Agility form an important part of the value strategy of the group. The organization is extremely adaptive and believes in empowerment of its employees. Following these principles are the values of Teamwork and Passion. Winning together to achieve success in all circumstances gives the group an edge in the industry.

Group Industries

Though they initially started with a focus on the automotive industry, today the group has explored and excelled in multiple industries like Flooring, Office Interiors, Commercial vehicles and medical.

Group Services
  • Materials Manufacturing: The Autin Group is heavily involved in manufacturing of its core products in manufacturing units set across United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden. Key products manufactured by the company include Neptune, a range of multilayer products, foam-based products amongst others and can be deep dived into in the next segment. The products manufactured are specially formulated and bespoke.
  • Conversion and Assembly: The process involves multiple procedure starting with the cutting via a simple die cut bladed tool. Then comes the sealing, which is done using heat sealing machines where the heat is produced from the machine top. Conversion and Assembly process also involves Press Molding. Autin has its own molding presses that are equipped to thermally create 3D parts. Waterjet and Vac Molding helps in slicing a wide variety of materials using jets with extremely high intensity of pressure.
  • Prototyping: Offering design creation by using hand-made prototypes, CNC cutting, or basic aluminum tooling is one of the main pillars of Autins. 25 years of rich experience, knowledge and skill is used to create the handmade prototypes.
  • Materials Testing: The material testing center for Autin’s was created in the year 2016, and can deliver testing features including Thermal testing, environmental testing, compression testing, glow wire testing, testing for thermal conductivity and Automotive flammability. The testing capabilities also include tear, tensile and peel strength.
  • Services also include Design, Program Management and Research and Development.
Group Products
  • Neptune: Neptune is an acoustic absorption product that is manufactured from high-grade acoustic material with excellent thermal properties. Manufactured in the UK, Neptune’s non-woven and microfiber material targets at a range of automotive applications. The product has three structural layers- microfiber web, polypropylene and the finished component. These components make gives Neptune high sound absorption property with low frequency absorption.
  • Multilayer: Targeted at customized acoustic applications, these multi-layer products are result of extensive research and development. The product combines different materials to achieve a acoustic target with suitable aesthetic appeal to make it suitable for a particular environment.  The product has a combination of the Autins Neptune that makes it lighter than the other products available in the market.
  • Light Foam: Manufactured in Sweden, it is a semi-rigid, low density foam made of polyurethane.  This product is suitable for low density acoustics, maintaining a low flame response.  The light foam is used for thermoforming in the automotive industry, manufactured through reactive process and are supplied in block form or sliced into sheets to cover the exterior of the vehicle and the engine bay.
  • Heavy Layer: Procured from the largest UK manufacturers, Autins sources its mass-based acoustic insulation from the best manufacturers of vibration damping materials and acoustic barriers. After the procurement, the product is further die and vacuum formed in their UK facilities. The product is crucial in the automotive environment (between the 2kg to 6kg).
  • Foams: Autin offers different foam products, the joint venture of Autins and Indica Industries joint together creates a wide supplier base. The foams are applicable in vast automotive applications including the open and closed-cell products suitable for a variety of applications. Along with foam they also offer EPDM rubber, polyurethane, EPDM rubber, Polyethylene and expanded polypropylene.
  • Fleeces: The non-woven fleece material is sourced from Autin’s high-end supply chain; the material is further used in acoustic and thermal components. The 200 gsm to 2000 gsm ranged thermally bonded and needle-punched nonwovens are customized according to the customers’ need.
  • DecibeX: Autin’s premium range of underlay products are developed to improve the acoustic and reduce the noise. The product is applicable with modern flooring materials with poor sound characteristics (LVT. laminates, parquet and vinyl and LVT flooring). The product is also useful in creating a quiet environment in a room made of wood flooring.

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