COVID-19: A week that wreaked havoc in Australia

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COVID-19: A week that wreaked havoc in Australia

 COVID-19: A week that wreaked havoc in Australia
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  1. The country saw 32% jump in the weekly cases.
  2. Thursday witnessed the highest number of cases reported by the country since the pandemic’s onset.
  3. Almost two-thirds of the country have now been vaccinated – at least with one jab.

Until June this year, Australia seemed to have successfully thwarted the mass outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in the last week of June, the country’s biggest city Sydney had to resort to lockdown, saddled by the onslaught of the highly contagious Delta variant of coronavirus. And since then, the number of reported infections has been on the rise, necessitating a months-long lockdown.

In the last seven days till Thursday, the country reported 11,476 fresh COVID-19 infections – at least 64% higher than the peaks of the first and second waves. During prior pandemic waves, Australia never breached the 7,000-mark in terms of weekly infections.

Many had started to argue that the country had managed to successfully contain the virus, which had sent policy makers across the globe on a wild goose chase. However, Australia is no more enjoying that blissful state anymore with the country reporting more than 10,000 cases for two consecutive weeks now.

On a weekly basis, till Thursday, Australia saw fresh infections jump by 32% -- one of the highest spikes in the world.

On Friday, as well, the situation didn’t seem to improve: the country reported 1,871 fresh infections – the worst ever daily tally since the onset of the global pandemic.

While the cases in New South Wales – the state worst hit by the pandemic – seem to be plateauing, the cases in the country’s second-most populous region – Victoria – are seeing a massive spike. The number has gone up from 100 cases a day to over 300 cases a day, within the span of this week.

Despite witnessing the plateau, the NSW province is all set to start its re-opening process from Monday – primarily banking on the increased vaccination drive. The state’s capital – Sydney – has been under constant lockdown for the past three months – a shutdown which had zero impact on containing cases. The cases in the province have continued to rise despite continued lockdown – a move that has hit the economy badly and led to massive joblessness in the country’s economic powerhouse.

Meanwhile, the federal government of the country said that another 319,057 vaccine doses were administered on Thursday, bringing the national rollout to more than 22 million doses.

The latest figures show 66.2% of 16+ adults –  two-thirds of the population – have had one dose and 41.1% are fully vaccinated.


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