Australia’s depressing climate record comes under COP26 spotlight

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Australia’s depressing climate record comes under COP26 spotlight

Australia under COP26 spotlight
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  • Australia’s depressing climate record has grabbed COP26’ attention on the back of its negligible contribution to fighting the climate crisis.
  • The country has come under the spotlight for not signing onto agreements like – Global Coal to Clean Power Transition.
  • Australia has been one of the world’s top coal and gas producers, where mining has been a major driving force in its economy.

Known as the sunburned country on the back of its dry and barren terrain, Australia has been one of the world’s top coal and gas producers and ranks as one of the world’s largest greenhouse gases emitters on a per capita basis.

Although the Australian Federal Government has released a plan to scale up polluting gas projects across the nation before arriving in Glasgow, Scotland, for a pivotal gathering on global climate initiatives, the country still faced criticism.

Critics argue that Australia's net zero pledge was a hollow promise, and that the country's attendance at the global summit merely served to demonstrate that the present conservative administration is more committed to fossil fuel interests than to addressing climate change in a meaningful way.

Last month, Australian Prime Minister – Scott Morrison announced his government’s plan on achieving the mid-century climate target. However, Morrison said that he would be relying on consumers and the companies to reduce the emission rather than legislating the goal. 

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In Glasgow, Australia was chastised for refusing to sign on to accords such as the United Kingdom's so-called Global Coal to Clean Power Transition Statement or the United States' global methane Pledge to reduce methane emissions.

Bottomline – 

Despite having numerous environmental treasures, Australia still has a negligible contribution towards the climate catastrophe. Hence, Australia needs some solid measures to combat the situation.  

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