Artificial Intelligence: a monster or an angel? 

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Artificial Intelligence: a monster or an angel? 

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 Artificial Intelligence: a monster or an angel? 
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  • The current tech-savvy world is majorly about artificial intelligence (AI). 
  • Several debates are flowing in the market: whether AI can be trusted blindly.
  • If the world community wants to take the complete advantage of AI, some problems need to be rectified. 

Human evolution is so dramatic! From chimps we became a highly civilized creature that now lives in a house, uses dishes to eat, goes to school, etc. Our evolution has been so drastic that we are now able to embed intelligence like ours into machines. 

Human evolution gave birth to technological evolution. Technology has become a primary tool of the present contemporary world. Can one imagine living without mobile phones, cars, and computers? However, now, technology is no more limited to mere basic machine work and gadgets, the current tech-savvy world is all about artificial intelligence. 

AI is all over!

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The emergence of Artificial intelligence (AI) 

In simple terms, artificial intelligence is the characteristic of a machine (gadget) to think and learn itself. Very much like human intelligence: how we pierce the world, adapt to it, and consequently act. It’s the same: data is embedded into machines, they learn each day, progress, and act accordingly. 

Additionally, AI is developing and evolving every day, every minute. The more data it consumes, the more knowledgeable it becomes and thus provides better results. For instance, the ads people get on their phones, the pages they come across on social media, etc. Everything is driven by algorithms led by AI. 

However, several debates are flowing in the market: whether AI can be trusted blindly. Of course, it seems like AI is like humankind’s third eye. However, in the long run, it is essential to look at all the aspects revolving around AI. 

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Is AI an angel? 

Artificial intelligence has tons of advantages. Let’s have a look at some of them: 

  • It's flawless and effortless: This is one of the most acknowledged pros of AI. Artificial intelligence has reduced the risk of human error. It is more scalable, faster, and more precise than human knowledge and how humans perform a task. 
  • Better productivity: There’s no doubt how AI helps humans for day-to-day tasks. It can perform tasks in less time than humans. Thus, at the end of day, better use of AI would mean minimum time wastage and more work done. 
  • Improved customer experience: Any customer would enjoy interacting with a bot rather than humans for their grievances. It is simple, easy, and more efficient, both for the business and for the customers. 
  • Nuanced decision making: AI collects data, its memory is error free. Thus, decision making by AI is more efficient. Additionally, AI doesn't have emotions; so, the risk of personal agendas involved is zero in decision making. 

Are AI led workspaces here to stay?

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Is AI a monster?

Now, let’s look at some of its disadvantages. 

  • More unemployment: Since the basic tasks can easily be done by artificial intelligence; it would cause a rise in unemployment. This is the worst for countries like India, which hugely depends upon outsourcing jobs. 
  • Creativity block: AI perceives the world like humans do; however, AI cannot have the creative instinct. However, with better innovation and data, AIs are becoming better; however, it is difficult to imagine AI to have the creative and cognitive skills as humans. 
  • Ethics: Apart from intelligence, creativity, etc. there is one more integral aspect of human society: ethics. It is difficult to incorporate ethics into AI. Whether a decision is morally corrupt or not, how can a machine decide that?
  • Cyber security: AI has made cyberspace riskier and more dangerous. People can use synthetic images to steal computer’s credentials. Additionally, hackers can use AI to ditch captcha tests, etc. 

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Bottom line 

Thus, it is hard to say whether Artificial Intelligence is an angel or a monster. In the current scenario, AI is helping humans in multiple ways; however, the solutions to the above problems are still hazy. Thus, if the world community wants to take the complete advantage of AI, the above problems need to be rectified.


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