A video of Tesla’s Autopilot car that grabbed Musk’s eyeballs


  • A POV video capturing Tesla car moving in fully Autopilot mode grabbed Musk’s attention on Twitter.
  • Video pertains to the beta version of Tesla’s Autopilot cars.
  • The beta features will be granted to the customer based on their driving behavior.

While many people have been doubtful on the Tesla’s Autopilot feature, a Twitter video of Tesla’s Autopilot car has grabbed the company CEO Elon Musk’s attention. Recently a video of a man went viral on Twitter where he was enjoying his ride inside the car using Tesla’s Autopilot feature.

Tesla Autopilot mode

Representative Image Source: © Jirsak | Megapixl.com

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has launched its beta version of the full-self driving package for its cars. Earlier, the company was under the radar of the US government after its Autopilot technology crashed. Because of the Autopilot controversy, even the new software update 10.0.1 is also under the scanner as people are still doubtful over accepting the advanced technology.

Twitter account identified as - Whole Mars Catalog @WholeMarsBlog shared a point of view (POV) video of a driver in the Tesla honed with the latest FSD update.

A video of Tesla’s Autopilot car that grabbed Musk’s eyeballs

In the video, the Tesla car moves its position from one parking spot to another that covered nearly 10 kilometers with bare minimum contribution of the driver.

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As per the video caption by the Twitter user, the car was not driven manually by a human for even a single second. It fully moved under the software control and went from one parking lot to the other entirely by using the Autopilot technology using just the cameras to drive the car. The user tagged Tesla’s CEO – Elon Musk, in the tweet.

The same thread also consisted of a real-time video, that was later uploaded on YouTube. It also mentioned that people should not blindly trust the self-driving feature and there must be a driver all the time while driving the car in Autopilot mode for safety purpose.

Whole Mars Catalog’s tweet grabbed Musk’s attention who replied saying how remarkable it is to realise few people have realised this capability.

The FSD beta version had been in the news since Musk last tweeted about it.  However, considering possible mishaps that can take place with this advanced technology, Tesla is taking careful steps with the release of its FSD v10.0.1 technology in the market. Musk said that the customers will be granted beta access on their driving behavior.