Why is Songbird (SGB) crypto grabbing eyeballs?


  • Songbird is the Canary Network of Flare, and it is an operational Blockchain network
  • The token works on two unique protocols: Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) protocols and F-Assets.
  • These features are crucial to provide stability and security to the token.

Major excitement is visible among investors as the Flare Networks is finally in the last stage after completion of Songbird (SGB) crypto’s distribution phase. Songbird, which was launched on 17 September, was distributed among the Flare enthusiasts and was in the Observation mode.

On Monday, the Flare community took to Twitter to reveal that the network has officially taken the flight and has exited the observation mode. Major exchanges such as Bitrue, Bitfinix, Crypto.com all are gearing up to start trading of the token on their platform.

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What is Songbird crypto?

Songbird is the Canary Network of Flare, and it is an operational Blockchain network. The token works on two unique protocols, which include the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) protocols and F-Assets. They are critical to provide stability and security to the token.

Songbird is intended to be a long-term network and has other core uses. First it is intended to applications that launch on Flare, especially those that utilize the FTSO and F-Asset systems. Second, as the token holders get familiarised with it, the users can stake it or mint the token without putting the token at risk.

The Songbird token will be distributed, and total supply of the token is expected to be around 15 billion, with a possible inflation of 10% per annum. Available for Ripple holders of Bitcoin, the investors will receive an amount equivalent to XRP. The XRP holders can receive additional airdrop through the new canary network.

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How is Songbird token expected to perform?

Although the price is not available at the moment, investors are quite positive about the token. In fact, many of them consider Songbird to be a long-term asset and are quite positive due to the testing results of the Flare. As major exchanges are gearing for the listing and have announced that they would start trading soon, the crypto has witnessed a positive rally in the initial weeks.

Besides the security and stability features is also driving the investors towards it, especially in the volatile crypto environment. There are investors who managed to get hold of the token through airdrop and hoping that they will get good returns on their investments.


Songbird is expected to do well and make the most of the initial buzz. It could give the token the impetus in the coming few weeks. Backed by a strong protocol and network system, the Songbird token does present itself as a promising token as of now, if the investors adopt the policy of pick cheap and sell high.