What is Polymath’s Polymesh & POLY crypto’s price prediction?

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What is Polymath’s Polymesh & POLY crypto’s price prediction?

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 What is Polymath’s Polymesh & POLY crypto’s price prediction?
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  • The Polymath crypto has traded under US$1 for quite a while, but it has largely recouped from its January 2022 losses
  • The Polymath network talks about tokenization of assets like shares and real estate, which sounds interesting
  • POLY crypto’s price could be a product of how Polymath’s new Polymesh network performs in the near-to-medium term

Blockchain is being hailed as the future of technology by its fans, but can decentralized ledger tech underpin many other things? What about traditional investment assets like equities and bonds? Can even these be stored on a blockchain?

The recent rebound in cryptocurrencies has shone the spotlight on cryptos as an asset to counteract high inflation. Though cryptos are yet to overcome extreme price volatility, projects that promise viable application of blockchain technology remain a close watch. One of these is Polymath and the linked POLY token.

What is Polymath network?

Polymath harnesses the abilities of Ethereum’s blockchain to enable the creation of “security tokens”. The network claims that its primary focus is bridging the gap between blockchain and regulators.

In the traditional capital market, products like listed stocks and other forms of securities dominate. These, Polymath claims, can be converted into security tokens as the ERC 1400 standard. Further, the network can also enable the tokenization of assets like real estate and intellectual property.

The project seeks to launch Polymesh with a view to providing blockchain-based solutions for regulated assets like shares.

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The POLY crypto

The POLY coin acts as the native token with utility within the Token Studio of the Polymath network. The Polymath project has declared that the maximum supply will be one billion POLY tokens. These tokens can be used for various purposes by issuers of security tokens over the Polymath network.

Polymath is available for trading on exchanges like Huobi Global, Crypto.com, and Binance.

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POLY price prediction

Polymath or the POLY crypto has a market cap of nearly US$407 million. Though this is nowhere near the market cap of multi-billion-dollar cryptos like Ether and BNB, Polymath makes an interesting watch.

The network’s Polymesh solution can soon launch, and if it can truly combine blockchain with capital market assets like shares and bonds, the Polymath crypto might have a fair chance of rising in value.

Presently trading at nearly US$0.45, POLY may reach at least US$1 by the end of 2022. POLY has yet to demonstrate any sharp rally in price, which has hovered under US$1 for quite a while. But if the launch of Polymesh and an upward price movement in the wider crypto market can act as triggers, the price of the Polymath token may touch a double-digit price figure by 2025.

 Polymath price in 2022

Data provided by CoinMarketCap.com

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Bottom line

The long-term price movement of any crypto may largely rely on the success of the linked project. In the case of the Polymath crypto, it is the success or failure of the Polymath network that would shape the price.

The project claims to be working in the field of tokenization of traditional securities. This might attract blockchain enthusiasts that envision decentralization and transparency via distributed ledger tech.

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