What is Polymath crypto (POLY)? How to buy this rising token?


  • The total supply of Polymath tokens is 1 billion.

  • POLY gave a return of 512.47% YTD.

  • A total of 925 million POLY tokes will be circulated by January 2022; it will lock the remaining 75 million until January 2024.

The Ethereum-based Polymath token has been gaining traction in the market lately after gaining over 512% this year.

What is Polymath?

Polymath is a blockchain technology provider. It offers technology to create, issue, and manage security tokens on the blockchain.

Polymath leads the creation of a unified standard for Ethereum security tokens or ERC 1400.

More than 200 tokens have been released using Polymath's Ethereum-based solution.

What is Polymath crypto (POLY)? How to buy this rising token?

Polymath has developed Polymesh to fill the gaps in the existing blockchains related to the capital market. Polymesh is an institutional-grade blockchain, mainly built to regulate assets.

Polymath was founded while searching for a solution to tokenize a private fund. Its team members and contributors are located around the world.

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How to buy Polymath (POLY)?

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Polymath (POLY) performance

Polymath was priced at US$0.5882, up 9.33%, at 12:32 pm ET on December 6. Its market cap is US$528.54 million, and its fully diluted market cap is US$590.58 million.

Its last 24-hour volume was worth US$72.62 million. Its 52-week lowest and highest prices were US$0.05968 and US$1.34, respectively. It gave a return of 512.47% YTD.

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How to buy POLY?

Buyers can purchase POLY from exchanges where cryptocurrencies, stablecoin, and fiat pairs are available. Some of the largest markets for POLY are Binance, Coinbase, Upbit, etc.

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The maximum supply of POLY is 1 billion, of which 925 million is expected to be circulated by January 31, 2022. The Polymath team has locked up the remaining 75 million until January 2024. The year 2021 has been a boon for the crypto market, with the growing popularity of digital assets. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have seen record highs this year, although they witnessed a sharp rise and fall.