What is Braintrust (BTRST) crypto? A glimpse at price prediction


  • Braintrust’s decentralized network connects freelancers with companies
  • It levies no commission on services provided to freelancers, which makes it an attractive crypto
  • Over the past one month, Braintrust’s price has come under pressure

What matters the most in cryptocurrency investment? Most of us would say returns on investment.

For good returns on cryptos, it is essential that money is parked in the right asset at the right time. It makes little sense to buy a cryptocurrency when it has reached its peak price. The best time to buy a crypto can be when the price is subdued, or better said, it is available at a deep discount.

One such low priced cryptocurrency is Braintrust (BTRST). Let’s know more about it.

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What is Braintrust crypto?

Like many other decentralized networks, Braintrust is also a blockchain-backed platform. It is controlled by its user base. Braintrust acts as a medium to connect talent with companies.

What is Braintrust BTRST crypto? A glimpse at price prediction

Unlike conventional platforms that connect freelancers with companies, Braintrust charges nothing from the jobseekers and the fee for companies is also low. This is achieved by giving control to users instead of having any centralized authority in the arrangement.

Created in 2018, Braintrust’s decentralized platform is being used by some reputed companies including Nike and Goldman Sachs.

How does Braintrust blockchain work?

The platform has three key participants. The first is jobseekers. They create a profile on Braintrust and can undertake courses to elevate their chances of being picked by clients. Braintrust also verifies the past records of the freelancers to infuse trust in the arrangement.

The second is employers that post work requirements to attract suitable jobseekers. The third are bridge or connectors that provide referral services and link clients with the most suitable applicant.

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In the process, the native crypto token of Braintrust, BTRST, plays a key role. It is earned by jobseekers when they complete some course offered by the platform. Active community participation can also earn them BTRST. For clients, BTRST acts as a staking crypto for the purpose of attracting jobseekers.

Braintrust claims that jobseekers do not have to pay any commission on their earnings. For employers, 10 per cent is charged as fee to network nodes.

Braintrust crypto performance

According to TradingView, BTRST was trading at nearly US$30 on September 15, 2021. As of now, it is priced at nearly US$8 apiece. The price has dropped over past one month, but fundamentals may lift it in the near-to-medium term.

Price of Braintrust crypto

Braintrust price prediction

BTRST has been continually falling over past one month. The recent surge in prices of big cryptos like Bitcoin and Ether may lift price of altcoins. BTRST has a market cap of nearly US$620 million as of now and ranks among top 300 crypto tokens.

If the overall momentum in crypto space sustains from hereon, BTRST might attain a double-digit price tag very soon. However, reclaiming an above US$30 price tag is likely not going to happen this year. Adoption by big companies of Braintrust’s blockchain might lift prices.

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Bottom line

As compared with many other crypto tokens, Braintrust is on a downward slide over past one month. The blockchain connects freelancers with clients, and the zero-commission levied on freelancers is the unique selling proposition.