Top 10 Cryptocurrency YouTubers to Follow | Recommended By Experts

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Top 10 Cryptocurrency YouTubers to Follow | Recommended By Experts

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 Top 10 Cryptocurrency YouTubers to Follow | Recommended By Experts
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The development of technology has led to thousands of inventions and new developments. Throughout the years, the world has been revolving around the digital market, and millions of people are present in the online world. Given the number of websites that help people achieve their needs, the list of social media platforms and educational sites that serve as a place for information or entertainment is increasing.

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The digital world

One social media platform that most people use to gain information and knowledge about different concepts in the form of videos is YouTube. There are millions of topics out there that require a clear and concise explanation, which you can find on YouTube. Due to the increasing number of people using this site, it gained the third spot on the most used social media platform list in the year 2021.

With millions of topics worldwide, content creators started making videos of the topic that has been trending and gaining popularity worldwide in recent years - Cryptocurrency. The first crypto was introduced to the public in 2009 and has attracted millions of firms and individuals in the world. Luckily, the digital world consists of various resources that allow users to learn and engage in just a few clicks.

Whether you are a beginner who just started exploring the world of crypto or have been in the field for quite some time now and want to have a deeper knowledge about it, it’s important to do some research on any setup, such as videos. In addition, if you want to connect to legit brokers, one of the platforms you could visit is the official Bitcoin Profit app, a preferred trading website in the UK, for a safe trading environment and lessen or remove the chances of falling victims to the hands of scammers online.

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Cryptocurrency Youtubers

If you prefer to learn and understand everything about cryptocurrency through videos, then YouTube is your go-to. We’ve compiled ten cryptocurrency YouTubers to follow to ensure you learn from the best, so check them out!

  1. BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy Crypto is one of the biggest channels in the YouTube crypto space. It has constantly been growing with its content that focuses on videos and interviews with the top crypto CEOs. Founded by Ben Armstrong and his team, the channel aims to be a great source for the latest crypto news, trading advice, and project reviews. With the experienced host and guest experts, you’ll surely learn about crypto with this channel.

  1. Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen tackles the complicated side of learning how to analyze cryptocurrency prices - mathematics and computations. This channel tackles excellent long-term technical analysis through math-based examples and advanced mathematical models and provides info about the excellent long-term perspective on the perfect time to buy cryptos. Benjamin also takes the low-risk, high reward strategy for crypto investing possibilities.

  1. Cryptos R Us

Cryptos R Us has been a YouTube channel since 2017 and is headed by George Tung, an expert with strong experience in the field of Information Technology. He discusses why traders should utilize the HODL strategy and portfolio recommendations for the diversification technique. With his attention-grabbing discussion, it’s no wonder why he has many followers on his channel. 

  1. Tone Vays

When talking about experience in the field, Tone Vays is certainly trustworthy as he is one of the first crypto YouTubers. He started his career in J.P Morgan and Bear Stearns; he moved to crypto and joined ‘Cointelegraph’ in 2014 as a researcher. As a Bitcoin maximalist, Tone believes that Bitcoin is the original and the best cryptocurrency, so his content focuses on information to help users learn about crypto trading and chart analysis.

  1. The Modern Investor

Even though this channel is relatively new in the crypto section of YouTube, The Modern Investor is quickly considered a YouTube crypto favorite. To help crypto traders earn a profit, the people behind this channel provide a list of crypto resources where users can learn trading strategies and have knowledge about the blockchain project background.

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  1. Box Mining

The man behind Box Mining is Michael Gu, and he focuses on creating content that tackles weekly inquiries about the latest news in the blockchain industry. With the various topics to be discussed revolving around blockchain, his channel gained a big number of subscribers who tune in weekly to watch his videos. Gu helps crypto enthusiasts understand how blockchain solutions can impact the future through an extensive range of interviews.

  1. Andreas Antonopolous

Andreas Antonopolous is one of the most popular names in the world of cryptocurrency. His channel entertains viewers and crypto enthusiasts with keynotes and talks that revolve around his theories and thoughts on all aspects of the crypto industry - from trends to tokens. Despite having a strong foundation in crypto, Andreas tends to stay very neutral in his analysis and invites founders and visionaries of various coins for an outstanding discussion and debate with each other.

  1. Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter is a YouTube channel for everyone in the crypto community - beginners to experts. The channel provides its audience with various topics and Go-To live streaming, news, Defi, NFT, Blockchain, educational Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrency-related topics. The hosts of the channel have done interviews with the biggest guests in crypto, Billionaires, leaders, and professional traders. 

  1. Lark Davis

Lark Davis is the host and founder of one of the most sensational YouTube crypto channels, which uses humor to blend life into his deep and articulated analyses of blockchain solutions and tech turmoil. To offer a good combination of knowledge and recommendation by assisting audiences in knowing how to learn to trade, make a profit and get paid in Bitcoin, Lark offers Q&As with top crypto public figures, market trends, and crypto news.

  1. Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily is handled by brothers Aaron & Austin Arnold; the channel is a great source for daily videos regarding news, market analysis, education, perspective, and opinion. While the brothers are Bitcoin Fundamentalists, they use altcoin trading as a way to build their Bitcoin stack. Their channel tackles daily coverage of the latest events and news in the world of crypto and posts interviews with key crypto community members.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is a massive place that contains videos about a lot of topics, so it’s no surprise that many channels on the site tackle cryptocurrency. The YouTubers listed above are just some of the best ones that produce excellent content about any topic in crypto and shower you with information, tips, and techniques to increase the chance of success.


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