Meet Shiba millionaires

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Meet Shiba millionaires

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  • Shiba has risen in size and popularity since its inception, even though it began with a zero.
  • Shiba Inu has changed fortunes of many people.
  • The internet has recently been buzzing with stories of people who grew wealthy, thanks to Shiba Inu

Shiba has risen in size and popularity since its inception, even though it began with zero. That's right; you read that correctly. All credit for this goes to the SHIB army and billionaire, Elon Musk. As recently as last month, Shiba outperformed Dogecoin in market value, breaking into the top 10. If Shiba can maintain this momentum, it could potentially make many extremely wealthy.

Moreover, the internet has recently been buzzing with the stories of people who are generating life-changing money through cryptocurrency.

Shiba Inu, which began as a joke, is no longer a joke for many people. Obviously, it's because it has changed fortunes of countless people. So, let's see whose fortunes have changed thanks to Shiba, but the names will be anonymous to safeguard the secrecy.

  1. Shiba has made some COVID-19 pandemic sufferers millionaires. It was a stunning change of fortunes for the two brothers from Westchester County, New York. Their wedding business suffered greatly because of the corona outbreak.

However, in April, they found themselves to be millionaires as they had invested a few hundred dollars in parody crypto Shiba Inu in February. They got extremely wealthy in less than two months, and the news took the cryptocurrency market by storm.

  1. In October 2020, a crypto enthusiast paid $17 for about 200 billion Shiba tokens, and when the market soared, he earned nearly $6.5 million from those tokens.
  2. For a crypto aficionado who used to work as a driver, May was a turnaround month. He made US$1.7 million after spending US$670 in Shiba.

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Shiba Gains popularity since its inception!

Bottom line

Cryptocurrencies have been making news for their astronomical gains in 2021. After years of being scorned or disregarded, cryptos are now drawing unprecedented investor attention.

The Poor became wealthy, while the wealthy grew even wealthier, thanks to Shiba Inu. However, the crypto market is extremely volatile; hence it is always advisable to tread carefully and use good judgement while investing in cryptos.

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