KODI is surging, could it be the next 100x coin?

With rug pulls on the rise, investors are looking for truly solid projects that offer utility and reflections; and Kodi is a coin that more than foots the bill. 

Kodi is aiming to provide its users with the first ever crypto based Entertainment Network. An integrated ecosystem for fellow crypto enthusiasts to socialise, learn, win prizes and be educated about legitimate crypto projects. In parallel, Kodi is also operating a marketing agency called Pitch, profits secured by pitch will be put back into the Kodi project. It also includes a highly developed batch of NFT’s with sleek designs, and purchasing an NFT pack gives investors the chance to win high value prizes from US$10,000 and Tesla model 3s! 
3500 Kodi NFT packs have been minted with a total of 10,880 Kodi NFTs. Each pack is guaranteed to contain 3 NFTs with a 1 in 10 chance of receiving a 4th rare card.  

KODI is surging, could it be the next 100x coin?


As for the coin's functionality, it also features intriguing tokenomics, incorporating a reward system and network utility funding. Each token transaction occurs up to a 12% fee. Those holding 5 million or more Kodi tokens will receive 3% of each transaction involving a Kodi token in BNB rewards. 3% of each transaction will go towards marketing and development, a 2% buyback tax will also be sent in BNB to a buyback wallet, there is a 2% salary tax for developers – to incentivise their long form participation in the company, 1% BNB is also redistributed to the liquidity pool and an additional 1% on every sell will be added towards the liquidity pool.  

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One of the most interesting features of Kodi, is KODI Roar. This is a distinctive feature in which at random, a one-hour window will emerge which reduces the buy tax to 1% and increases the sell tax to 25% - the idea behind this being to inflate the price of the token through an uptake of investors whilst disincentivising sellers, in theory with the price set to surge from lopsided buy and sell orders, even more investors would come flocking to the token due to FOMO. So, there's utility, smart mechanics, metaverse features and real-world utility and collaborations. It really does present as a solid project. The only drawback is the lack of transparency surrounding the team of directors – but by the same token, Kodi is Certik verified, and it passes the bulk of Token Sniffer testing, and importantly it can be sold.  
The token launched back on September 27 via Fair Launch, on the October 12, it reached it’s low of point US$ 0.00003 but has since shot up more than one thousand percent to point US$ 0.00034 on November 23. 

So, with all that said, how high can it go? Kodi is an extremely well packaged coin. It’s website is crisp and clean, its vision is clear, and it’s a vision that could well provide genuine value to the crypto community, and with its marketing tie in through the Pitch agency the partnership could help to spurn further growth. With a current trading volume of more than 150k, a peak of more than 1 million traders in a 24 hour period and with more than 22 thousand existing holders – this is a coin that is well expected to witness a similar graph for next few months with a number of cyclical pumps. Please be informed this coin do represents as an attractive short and long term investment but with an intensive self research on the same.

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