Debutant crypto Shiba Floki Trillionaire (SHIFLOTRI) zooms over 4000%

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Debutant crypto Shiba Floki Trillionaire (SHIFLOTRI) zooms over 4000%

Shiba Floki Trillionaire crypto price
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  • Shiba Floki Trillionaire crypto promises charity, blockchain gaming and NFT
  • It has gained nearly 4000 per cent in less than a day, and this can be attributed to a hyped launch
  • SHIFLOTRI token can be bought on Pancakeswap, which is DeFi platform for crypto trading

Cryptocurrencies deliver eye-popping returns. And these unbelievable returns – though extreme volatility can wipe out all profits in the wink of an eye – are predominantly a feature of lesser-known altcoins.

Dogecoin, a meme currency that featured in one of Elon Musk’s tweets, emerged out of nowhere. DOGE nearest competitor is Shiba Inu (SHIB), and it made headlines a couple of weeks back. Multi-fold returns on these altcoins made them a household name.

The latest crypto making it to the trends list is Shiba Floki Trillionaire, with ticker SHIFLOTRI.

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What is Shiba Floki Trillionaire crypto?

According to the official website, SHIFLOTRI is a fusion of Shiba and Floki. SHIFLOTRI claims it is not yet-another meme currency. That’s a big claim considering the project is trying to steering clear of the meme wave that ruled the cryptocurrency space in 2021.

The website mentions ‘four pillars’ that underpin the project. The first is ‘meme’. Memes are just an animated representation of something with the aim of evoking laughter. The second is ‘utility’, which is definitely the one that should matter the most. Here, the project claims to be developing metaverse gaming with non-fungible (NFT) features. The project will run on a ‘play-to-earn’ model with tradable digital assets.

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Shiba Floki Trillionaire also talks of cryptocurrency education services through its SHICADMY platform.

The third pillar cited by the project is ‘Payment solution’. The project is looking to partner with names like McDonalds and Subway for payments through SHIFLOTRI crypto. The fourth pillar is ‘charitability’ where the project looks to participate in social welfare works across the world.

Where to buy Shiba Floki Trillionaire crypto?

SHIFLOTRI crypto can be bought on Pancakeswap, a decentralized finance (DeFi) projects that creates liquidity in cryptocurrencies by allowing trading between coins.

The official website suggests using BNB crypto on Binance Smart Chain to purchase SHIFLOTRI crypto.

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Shiba Floki Trillionaire crypto price

SHIFLOTRI is a very new entrant in the cryptocurrency space. When the trade in this crypto began, the price was nearly US$0.00000030 apiece. As of now, the price has soared to nearly US$0.000012.

The market cap of Shiba Floki Trillionaire crypto is nearly US$11.8 million. CoinMarketCap states that the self reported circulating supply of SHIFLOTRI is 1,000 billion tokens.

Shiba Floki Trillionaire crypto stats

Shiba Floki Trillionaire crypto price prediction

It makes little sense in predicting a price for the near-to-medium term. First, Shiba Floki Trillionaire is a very late entrant and price history is not available to reach any conclusion. Second, the entire crypto space is a little subdued these days, with the biggest cryptos including Bitcoin and Ether losing value over the past few weeks.

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That said, the adoption of Shiba Floki Trillionaire project, which cites its utility in the metaverse space, can impact the price in the near future. A few metaverse cryptos like Axie Infinity and The Sandbox are in the limelight after Facebook’s metaverse announcement.

Bottom line

Shiba Floki Trillionaire cryptocurrency project comes with a lot of promises including blockchain gaming and NFT. The crypto has surged nearly 4,000 per cent in fewer than 24 hours. Any further rally depends on the adoptability of the project and the use of native token SHIFLOTRI.


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