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Wholly Owned Subsidiary

  • January 11, 2020
  • Team Kalkine

A company that is completely owned by another company (parent company or holding company) is called a wholly owned subsidiary. The holding company holds the entire (100%) common stock of the subsidiary. Moreover, wholly owned subsidiaries can be part of the same or different industry than the holding company. They permit the parent company to manage (and possibly reduce) risk and also diversify.

David Ricardo, a renowned economist, is majorly recognised for his theory on wages and profits, theory of international trade, theory of rents and labor theory of value. His economic thinking dominated throughout majority of the 19th century.

A renowned economic theory, J Curves reflects upon a few assumptions and asserts that a nation's trade deficit will originally fall post currency depreciation. This is catalysed by greater prices on imports which will ideally exceed decreased volume of the country?s imports.

A property that is in the name of 2 or more people is referred to as Joint Owned Property. Ideally, involved parties have a reason to own the property together.

This is basically a renowned measure of statistics. It evaluates the possibility of a couple of events taking place jointly and at the exact point in time.

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