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What is MedTech?

MedTech or medical technology helps medical professionals saves millions of lives. Medical technology comprises a wide range of products used in the healthcare sector. In today's healthcare scenario, almost every aspect is reliant on technology.

Technology significantly amps up the quality of healthcare. One of the most common usage of medical technology is seen in diagnostics where medical conditions are identified to assist in treating humans.

With one scan of the entire body, the machine can suggest which areas need improvement for doctors to chalk out the best course of action. It has also minimised hospital stays as the turnaround time of these technologies has improved. The recent focus on medical technology is also because of its cost effectiveness.

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Why is MedTech an integral part of the healthcare system?

MedTech plays a vital role in our lives, that starts even before we are born (pregnancy tests, ultrasound scans, etc.) From not feeling well to getting a diagnosis to getting the help of medical devices for treatment, we turn to medical technology at every step.

Everything that falls under the umbrella of technology in the medical field can be counted as MedTech. Be it healthcare information technology, diagnostic devices, biotech, or healthcare services; MedTech comprises it all.

Its application lies in:

  • Prevention of ailments by detecting diseases early through early detection tools
  • Diagnosis of diseases or health conditions though scanning and in vitro diagnostic tests
  • Monitoring or checking patient condition in hospital or at home and prevent further deterioration of health.

In fact, MedTech helps in expediting recovery process. Medtech includes:

  • Medical devices that help in diagnosis, investigation, prevention, replacement, monitoring, treatment, or mitigation of disease/ injury or making variations in the anatomy.
  • in vitro diagnostic tests that assist healthcare professionals in collating tests results and making sound healthcare decisions.
  • Digital healthcare that includes devices, kits, and services that utilise data technologies to enhance health condition of a patient through prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring.

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What are the benefits of medical technology?

Medical technology has been revolutionary and many diseases which were not curable a few years back are in the safe zone due to medical technology. The technology is continuously changing the landscape of the healthcare industry. The industry is also witnessing the incorporation of big data and machine learning applications for a better patient outcome.

MedTech companies are becoming an essential part of the ecosystem and aids in economic growth and job creation. Through technology, the industry is delivering value to not just patients but also to healthcare professionals, the overall system and the society by large.

Benefits include:

  • Well-timed and correct diagnostic report allows healthcare professionals to make sound clinical decisions that improves patient outcomes.
  • MedTech helps in lessening patient recovery times and complication rates
  • The MedTech sector takes off pressure from the healthcare professionals and make the system more efficient.
  • The widespread use can provide accurate and faster diagnosis and improve outcome.
  • Appropriate use of MedTech can be useful and safer while providing the treatment.
  • The industry has enormous potential to grow, which is expected to save lives and reduce cost and time.

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