Terms Beginning With 'j'

Joint float

  • January 02, 2020
  • Team Kalkine

It refers to a pact wherein a group of currencies retain a fixed affiliation with each other. They tend to move together with the other currency in the exchange market.

The day-count convention is used to calculate the accrued interest on buys and sells of financial instruments, interest income and expense, and interest payments. The day-count convention varies for different financial instruments, based on fixed or floating interest rate and country of issuance.

A joint account refers to the bank account that is shared by a couple of or more persons/ entities. Either party involved has the liberty to withdraw from the account and make a deposit to it.

They are professionals, referring to one or two or more agents jointly instructed by a principal to act on his behalf.

Often referred to as a joint-and-several bond, this is a bond wherein a couple of or more parties ensure principal and interest. The shared responsibility lowers both the borrowing costs as well as risks.

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