10 top fan crypto tokens of 2021


  • Fan tokens have been on crypto investors' radar for a while now.
  • Fan token holders are allowed to participate and influence their favorite team’s decisions. 
  • Most fan coins returned double-digit growth on a month-to-date basis as of August 13). 

Fan tokens are the latest crypto frenzy that has been getting a positive response from investors. Football clubs, in particular, have been lining up to launch their fan crypto tokens.

These tokens give fans some power to get involved in the club’s decision-making process.

League football followers hold tokens of their favorite clubs to win rewards and merchandise. These crypto tokens also enable them to attend exclusive promotional events and a chance to meet football players.  

What is a Crypto Token? Top 10 Fan Crypto Tokens of 2021

If you are a crypto enthusiast and not a football supporter, you can still explore fan tokens through mainstream crypto exchanges like Chiliz (CHZ) on socios.com. 

Let us look at some of the top fan tokens of 2021.

  1. Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token (PSG)

Popular French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has been trending since Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi joined the team.

PSG fan tokens soared over 72 per cent in the week ending August 13.

Messi has reportedly accepted a fraction of his welcome package in these crypto fan tokens.

PSG crypto was moving at US$ 42 apiece as of August 13, with a market cap of US$ 122 million. About 15 per cent of it tokens were in circulation out of the maximum supply of 20 million PSGs. 

  1. Manchester City Fan Token (CITY)

Manchester City Fan Token enables its supporters to participate in the football club’s decisions by holding CITY tokens.

CITY was trading at US$ 23.13 apiece on August 13, with a market cap of US$ 62 million.

The fan token was ranked among the top four per cent cryptos, with a circulating supply of 2.67 million coins. It has a limited supply of 20 million CITY tokens and its value had soared over 13 per cent since its listing, as of August 13. 

  1. FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR)

The Spanish football club’s fan token, BAR, was marching at US$ 24.33 apiece on August 13.

At this level, it recorded a one-week surge of 14 per cent, despite its star player Messi’s exit

The Barca fan token ranks at the 427th position among cryptos, with a market cap of US$ 81 billion. It has a maximum supply of 40 million BAR tokens without any capped maximum supply. 

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  1. Galatasaray Fan Token (GAL)

The Turkish football club offers a fraction of its ownership to its fans through GAL tokens.

The fan token was trading at US$ 12 piece on August 13, with a market cap of 42 million. It had risen around 12 per cent in one week at the time of writing this. 

The 530th-ranked token has a total supply of 10 million. It was trading almost three times lower against its all-time high of US$ 35.35 apiece (recorded in mid-May) on August 13. 

  1. AC Milan Fan Token (ACM)

The Italian football club allows its supporter to vote using fan tokens on socios.com.

Its crypto, ACM, was moving at US$ 9.83 apiece, with 10 per cent of its total supply in circulation. The 725th-ranked crypto had a market cap of nearly US$ 20 million.

ACM’s one-week growth was almost 16 per on August 13.

  1. Juventus Fan Token (JUV)

Another famous Italian football club, Juventus FC, offers fan tokens to its followers. JUV was trading at US$ 14.66 apiece on August 13, with a market cap of US$ 19 million. 

JUV had amplified by 16 per cent in one week, with a circulation of 1.3 million tokens. The 735th-ranked crypto token had declined 61 per cent against its lifetime high of US$ 38.11 apiece (May 18). 

  1. Atletico De Madrid Fan Token (ATM)

The Spanish club is one of the pioneer teams that launched its fan token last year. ATM began trading at US$ 4.86 apiece on June 22, 2020.  

ATM, with a total supply of 10 million tokens, was moving at US$ 19.94 apiece on August 13, representing a surge of 310 per cent since its listing. The fan coin’s fully diluted market cap stood at US$ 198.5 million.  

The Italian club fans can buy and sell ATMs using Chiliz crypto on socios.com.

  1. Trabzonspor Fan Token (TRA)

Nine-times Turkish Cup winner Trabzonspor offered its fan tokens to its followers at US$ 4.93 apiece on August 13). It had a market cap of US$ 11.55 million, with a circulation of 2.35 million tokens.

TRA started its trading journey at US$ 1.17 apiece on November 10, 2020. The token had since soared by more than 326 per cent and ranked at the 876th position among 11,234 cryptocurrencies

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  1. OG Fan Token (OG)

OG is a European esports organization that offers digital tokens to its fans to interact with its gaming platform.

OG was trading at US$ 6.13 on the Binance crypto exchange on August 13, with a market cap of US$ 7.8 million.

The token had skyrocketed by 47 per cent in the past two weeks, as of August 13. It maintained a bullish trajectory throughout the past year, with an increase of 78 per cent. It had a total supply of 5 million OG tokens. 

  1. AS Roma Fan Token (ASR)

The Italian football club distributes some of its decision-making power to its supporters through ASR tokens. Its fan token was available at US$ 8.17 apiece on August 13, with a market cap of US$ 16.5 million.

ASR started trading in June 2020, with an initial price of US$ 4.22 apiece, representing a nearly 94 per cent rise as of August 13. The 770th-ranked cryptocurrency had 2.03 million ASR tokens in circulation at this point. 

Bottom line

Fan tokens, which some believe to be reliable as compared to other altcoin projects, come with a limited power to influence your favorite club or gaming platform’s decisions.

However, it is important to note that fan token prices vary with their respective team’s performances.  



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