Skimming Through Stance of REFFIND's Employee Engagement Platform in Remote Working Environment


  • As a large proportion of workforce continues to transition towards mobile and remote working environments, several challenges are emerging for businesses in relation with managing employees.
  • Employee recognition and engagement is one of the most stressed aspects of employee management that is gaining attention in the changing workplace environment.
  • REFFIND Limited’s WooBoard platform is a promising, simple, innovative and modern solution for keeping employees engaged and creating a positive culture of recognition at the workplace.
  • REFFIND opines that WooBoard is expertly placed to capture commercial opportunities arising from the growing transition towards mobile and remote working environments, with the platform targeting domestic and international players.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have seen unprecedented measures been implemented by governments as well as corporate organisations. Even now, organisations remain focussed on devising ways to curb the impact of COVID-19 while ensuring continuity of the business.

The restrictions on travel as well as large gatherings have compelled companies to ponder upon their ways of working. Consequently, several companies have transitioned towards mobile and remote working environments. This means tackling with fresh distractions while keeping the balance between work and private life. Under such unprecedented circumstances, employers need to focus on ensuring efficient continuity of work and creating value.

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What is Under the Skin of Challenges of Employee Recognition?

As we get under the skin of challenges faced by organisations in the current scenario, we can say that one of the most significant yet neglected needs of employees is employee recognition. With rapidly transforming work habits to remote working, face-to-face recognition with a pat on the back and surrounded by team members may be a thing of the past. The game of employee engagement and recognition is changing, and technology is a major catalysing factor in the process.

On the one hand, organisations are going hell for leather to cope with these changes, while several employers might be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Industry experts and analysts might not have stressed more on employee engagement and recognition as they are now.

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But how do organisations keep on trucking through the new normal?

Several technology companies have been working against the clock to offer promising solutions for businesses to ride out of the COVID-19 storm.

Notably, Australia-based software-as-a-service solutions company, REFFIND Limited (ASX:RFN) offers a fun and friendly platform that helps to keep employees happy as well as engaged. REFFIND, through its breakthrough recognition platform for employee engagement, WooBoard, is leading the way in keeping employees happy and engaged.

Distinctive features of WooBoard include the following:

Data Source: RFN Website

The workforce in modern-day organisations are predominantly millennials aged between 18 – 35 years, who are less likely to engage with traditional recognition programs. Modern-day employees tend to engage in recognition programs that are fun, simple and up to date while they drive meaningful recognition and increases engagement.

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REFFIND opines that WooBoard is expertly placed to capture commercial opportunities arising from the growing transition towards mobile and remote working environments, with the platform targeting medium to large enterprises in both domestic and international markets. As the global pandemic has fast-forwarded digital adoption, the Company is seeking to take advantage of the increased relevance and demand for the WooBoard platform.

Distinctively, WooBoard is an innovative, modern solution designed to appreciate employees, connect teams, retain top talent and increase the productivity of today’s workforce.

More importantly, WooBoard facilitates the creation of a positive culture of recognition at the workplace as well as building a positive and enjoyable team environment through consistent exchange of authentic praise between employees.

The Best Employees for An Organisation are Engaged Employees

Employee engagement is significantly impacted by unprecedented challenges that employees, as well as managers, face on a daily basis, which, when accumulated, make work unnecessarily complex and decreases productivity.

Moreover, it is said that employees who are able to connect with their organisations emotionally show increased intent for putting discretionary effort in their work and develop increased commitment for their job.

In present scenario full of uncertainties, employers might have to go the extra mile to recognise employees, which can impact the organisation’s overall performance in the long run. As the employees feel valued and recognised for doing a good job while being at remote locations, they might be willing to perform tasks going out of the way, voluntarily, as an expression of their dedication to their jobs.

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In essence, a lot might have changed for businesses, but few things that are the core of an organisation’s success have just gained more importance with increasing uncertainties. At present, we might just be at the start for employers to acknowledge the growing need for employee recognition and engagement. Modern organisations are leaping to simple and innovative employee recognition platforms to keep their employees happy and engaged.

No doubt, companies like REFFIND are looking to emerge as significant players in the changing game of employee recognition and engagement and an increasingly competitive market for talent.

RFN stock quoted at AU$0.002 on 19 August 2020.

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