Meet REFFIND’s Highly Proficient Leadership Team Driving its Vision Forward

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Meet REFFIND’s Highly Proficient Leadership Team Driving its Vision Forward

 Meet REFFIND’s Highly Proficient Leadership Team Driving its Vision Forward


  • REFFIND enhanced WooBoard by entering a product Licensing Agreement with InterBIO to facilitate a safe and productive working environment during and post COVID-19.
  • Leadership team taking strategic decisions to capture the growing demand for secure remote work solutions amid COVID-19.
  • RFN plans to focus on expansion of WooBoard in the coming quarters.

Software-as-a-Service solutions company based in Sydney, REFFIND LTD (ASX:RFN) is revolutionising employee peer recognition, along with reforming the way employee incentives and customer loyalty are created, managed and rewarded.

In order to facilitate a “safe, fast and productive” working environment during and post COVID-19, the Company recently entered into a licensing agreement with the world’s leading biometrics software solutions provider, InterBIO. The agreement has enhanced RFN’s employee experience platform, WooBoard, which provides corporations with an intuitive employee recognition and engagement platform.

Source: RFN presentation

As part of the agreement, InterBIO’s capabilities are planned to be seamlessly integrated into WooBoard as an enhancement of its exiting offering to provide data security, secure employee time and attendance, authentication and tracking for remote workers where appropriate. WooBoard, in conjunction with InterBIO’s technology solutions, is now ideally positioned to promote a productive and safe working atmosphere during and after COVID-19.

The licensing deal fits uniquely within the Company’s vision of delivering a compelling new SaaS offering for employers in Australia, as well as internationally, when demand for secure and trusted remote work solutions is at an all-time high.

Additionally, the latest licensing deal with InterBIO exhibits REFFIND leadership team’s decisive steps to capture the growing demand for secure remote work solutions amid COVID-19.

Having said that, let’s meet the members of REFFIND Board, who are making such prudent decisions to target a multitude of high-growth sectors and customers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Rumi Guzder, Chairman

REFFIND announced the appointment of Mr Rumi Guzder on 5th September 2019 as Non-Executive Chairman, which marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the Company.

Mr Guzder brought a wealth of experience with him in various dimensions, including back-end data systems, technological projects, payment processing, infrastructure deployment and supply chain management. Besides, he brought serious tech credentials to the RFN Board in the loyalty space, which aligns with the Company’s sizeable investment in Loyyal.

He is a mathematician and electrical engineer, specialising in distributed computing, control systems theory and IT infrastructure. Mr Guzder commenced his career in academia, pursuing study in control systems theory at Master’s level. He worked in several research programmes while in academia, that were associated with Aeronautics and Hydro Quebec companies.

Mr Guzder holds a wide range of experience, including leading the IT operations for an airfreight firm that was eventually sold to Dachser GMBH, with the IT transformations implemented proved to be a major motivation for Dachser GMBH.

He founded one of the world's first self-service, full-screen mobile advertising platforms and built back-end data systems and undertook infrastructure deployment, and the company expanded to over 2 million impressions per day with revenues of over CAD 5 million per annum.

Besides working on other consulting projects, he also worked in supply chain management and payment processing. On consultancy side, he has been involved in some successful RTOs on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

Mr Declan Jarrett, Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary

In addition to holding Bachelor’s degrees in economics and law and a Master’s degree in law, Mr Jarrett has Certified Public Accountant (CPA) qualifications.

A Barrister at Law at Edmund Barton Chambers, Mr Jarrett has an experience of more than 25 years in the fields of taxation and commercial law, working in large practices and major public companies. Besides, he has served as a secretary and director of various private companies and a cooperative.

Mr Joshua Quinn - Non-Executive Director

A former BDO tax director and chartered accountant, Mr Quinn was appointed to RFN Board in December 2019, adding significant commercial law, corporate and international M&A experience.

He holds more than 17 years of experience in corporate and international taxation, including tax consolidations from formation to exit and compliance, CGT, FBT, restructures, tax audits and dispute resolution. Additionally, Mr Quinn has significant experience in cross-border transactions, including mergers and acquisitions in the technology space.

Undoubtedly, REFFIND’s Board members have high-calibre technical and management skills. The robust background of the firm’s leadership team, together with their enormous experiences, would be vital for business development over the coming years.

RFN closed the trading session at $0.002 on 26th May 2020.


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