Jeff Bezos Kickstarts International Commercial Space Tourism

A glorious new chapter was added to the international commercial space tourism program on 20th July 2021. In 10 minutes and 10 seconds, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos along with a three-member crew, reached space and landed back to Earth. In these few minutes, the crew experienced weightlessness and enjoyed the view of planet earth through the spacecraft windows.

Oliver, who is working on getting a pilot's license, was moved up and secured a spot on the spaceflight. The Amazon founder founded Blue Origin in 2000 to fulfil his childhood dream to travel to space. Bezos has invested over 1 billion US dollars annually in the company.

Blue Origin’s current valuation is reportedly 200 billion US dollars. The company developed New Shephard or the NS spacecraft, which is a suborbital launch vehicle. The NS had travelled to space 15 times before this trip.