Is it too early for Americans to stop wearing masks?

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Is it too early for Americans to stop wearing masks?

The America’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced on 28 April that the fully vaccinated Americans didn’t need to wear a mask if going for a small gathering or a meal out. The CDC in its guidelines on wearing masks said that the masks would be required only if the Americans were going for big gatherings like concerts, stadiums, or any other large crowd of strangers.

Further, it said that those who were yet to be vaccinated could go out without masks in some situations. The shift in policy towards mask points to the direction that America is on the way back to normalcy from the severe outbreak that it witnessed last year. Last year, CDC was constantly advising the Americans to wear masks and maintain a distance of six feet from another person. However, now the signs are that normalcy is returning and the US can take another step towards normalcy, said the CDC director, Rochelle Walensky. She said last year was full of don’ts, but year 2021 was about what Americans could do. It may be noted that such a big change came as about 140 million people have got at least one dose of vaccine, and nearly a half of them have been fully vaccinated.  


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