Yik Yak is back on Apple App store with new safety features

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Yik Yak is back on Apple App store with new safety features

 Yik Yak is back on Apple App store with new safety features
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  • Yik Yak app was first launched in 2013 by Tylor Droll and Brooks Buffington.
  • Square Inc bought the app for US$1 million in 2017.
  • It has now introduced a new ‘Community Guardrail’ safety mechanism to prevent bullying or hate speech witnessed in the previous avatar.

The Yik Yak messaging app is back and currently available only on Apple’s App Store in the US. The messaging app, the brainchild of Furman University students Tylor Droll and Brooks Buffington, was first launched in South Carolina in 2013.

This local, anonymous messaging app helped connect people within a radius of five miles. People could send or receive messages while maintaining their anonymity on the platform.

It was a big hit among college students in 2014. At the time, the app was valued about US$400 million. However, by 2015, reports of extensive misuse of the platform began to emerge. Because of the app’s unique feature, which provided anonymity to users, it was used widely for bullying, hate speech, and threat calls, leading to its drop in popularity.

It was shut down subsequently. But, in 2017, the payment solutions platform Square Inc. purchased it for US$1 million.

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Yik Yak’s comeback

The app has now made a comeback with new safety features called ‘Community Guardrails,’ in which users can be banned permanently if they break the rules for bullying or other crimes.

The guardrails seek to prevent bullying, abuse, harassment, stalking, etc. However, users are barred from disclosing personal information.

So, how it works? Any post, also called ‘Yak,’ on the app could be removed if it gets five down-votes. The app encourages users to down-vote if they see any violation of the terms.

Currently, the app is available exclusively on the Apple App Store in the US.

The developers plan to expand the platform to other devices and countries.

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Yik Yak might see significant growth with new safety features in place. Modern society appreciates innovation, and as such, the platform could grow if it continues to provide its valuable services without getting into controversies and limit its misuse.


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