Penny wise or pound foolish? Here are 5 penny stocks to explore


  • The stock value of Vinco Ventures Inc. (NASDAQ: BBIG) rose 147.2% YTD.
  • The stock value of Charles & Colvard Ltd (NASDAQ: CTHR) rose 127.2% YTD.
  • The revenue of Calyxt, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLXT) jumped 415 percent YoY.

Companies produce various durable or non-durable goods, from drugs, food and beverage, furniture, electronic devices to toys and jewelry. However, not all companies have a large market capitalization. Companies whose stock prices are less than US$5 are considered penny stocks. Typically, stocks are also classified as per their industries, like energy and technology.

Here we explore five penny stocks in the market.

Alzamend Neuro, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALZN)

This Florida-based company develops treatments for various neurological diseases.

The company reported a net loss of US$5.04 million, or US$0.07 per share, in the fiscal year ended April 30, 2021. In the previous fiscal year, its losses were US$4.41 million or US$0.06 per share. The ALZN stock declined 70.82 percent YTD.

On Thursday, the stock was priced at US$3.0088, down 0.37 percent from the previous close, at 12.11 pm ET on August 26. Its market capitalization is US$259.99 million.

Alzamend’s 52-week highest and lowest stock prices were US$33.55 and US$3.20, respectively. Its trading volume on August 25 was 2,288,828.

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Vinco Ventures Inc. (NASDAQ: BBIG)

This Pennsylvania-based company makes games and toys for children. It has a market cap of US$192.75 million. The BBIG stock jumped 147.2 percent YTD.

The company logged revenue of US$2.69 million in Q2 of FY 2021, down 47.97 percent from US$5.17 million a year ago. Its gross profit fell 16.97 percent YoY to US$0.198 million.

Also, it reported a net loss of US$183.89 million compared to a net loss of US$1.62 million in the year-ago quarter.

The stock traded at US$2.93, down 5.18 percent, at 12.34 pm ET on August 26. BBIG’s 52-week highest and lowest stock prices were US$9.40 and US$1.11.

Its share volume on August 25 was 16,896,500. 

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Better Choice Company Inc. (AMEX: BTTR)

The Florida-based company produces pet nutrition and wellness products. It has a market cap of US$107.69 million, a P/E ratio of 11.38, and a forward P/E one year of -3.98. The EPS is US$0.32. The stock decreased by 49.6 percent YTD.

The net sales of the company were US$10.98 million in Q2 of 2021, compared to US$9.94 million in the year-ago quarter. Its gross profit came in at US$3.9 million compared to US$4.12 million in the same quarter the previous year.

The loss from operations was US$3.19 million compared to a loss of US$12.5 million in the previous year's quarter. Its net income available to common shareholders was US$24.77 million in Q2, 2021, against a loss of US$18.43 million in the year-ago period.

The BTTR stock traded at US$3.5653, down 5.68 percent, at 12.48 pm ET on August 26. BTTR’s 52-week highest and lowest stock prices were US$5.00 and US$3.28.

Its share volume on August 25 was 100,260. 

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Calyxt, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLXT)

This Minnesota-based company produces plant-based food and agricultural products.  Its market cap is US$150.94 million, the forward P/E one year is -4.66, and the EPS is US$-1.06.

The company’s revenue increased by 415 percent YoY to US$11.9 million in the second quarter of 2021. Its cost of goods sold was US$11.5 million, up 117 percent from the year-ago quarter.

The total operating expenses decreased by 21 percent YoY to US$6.3 million. Its net loss came in at US$4.8 million, an improvement of US$6.1 million from Q2 the previous year.

The stock was priced at US$4.02, down 1.95 percent, at 12.59 pm ET on August 26. The CLXT stock fell 3.53 percent YTD. The stock’s 52-week highest and lowest prices were US$12.43 and US$3.11. Its share volume on August 25 was 165,688. 

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Charles & Colvard Ltd (NASDAQ: CTHR)

The company is headquartered in North Carolina and produces jewelry products. Its market capitalization is US$88.36 million, the P/E ratio is 26.91, and the forward P/E one year is 16.71. The EPS is US$0.11.

The company’s net sales surged 120 percent YoY to US$9.7 million in Q4 of FY 2021. Its income from operations came in at US$1.1 million in the quarter. The income from operations for the fiscal year 2021 was US$5.5 million. The company reported its quarterly earnings on Thursday.

The stock traded at US$2.96, up 4.23 percent, at 1:10 pm ET on August 26. The CTHR stock rose 127.2 percent YTD.

Charles & Colvard’s 52-week highest and lowest stock prices were US$3.66 and US$0.63. Its share volume on August 25 was 218,483. 

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Bottom line

Although some investors are drawn towards penny stocks because of their lower prices, such stocks are often risky from an investment point of view as these are typically lesser-known or new companies. Hence, research about their businesses is critical before investing.