Square, NetEase, & Fiverr: 3 Growth Stocks On Investors’ Radar

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Square, NetEase, & Fiverr: 3 Growth Stocks On Investors’ Radar

 Square, NetEase, & Fiverr: 3 Growth Stocks On Investors’ Radar
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  • Square jumped 240% in the past 12 months, boosted by increased transactions, and new customers.
  • NetEase surged more than 56% in the past year as demand for its services grew.
  • Fiverr gained more than 300% in the past year as e-commerce grew amid the pandemic.

Although scores of companies go public each year, a few take off to a great start the moment they arrive. Others wait for their moment of glory to come, and some perish even before they could stand strong on their feet. Markets can be harsh, but to victors belong the spoils.

Growth stocks are like those who take the 100-metre sprint in the Olympics. In essence, they are expected to grow faster than the average growth rate in the market.

The following stocks: Square Inc. (NYSE:SQ), NetEase Inc. (NASDAQ:NTES), and Fiverr International Ltd. (NYSE:FVRR) saw exceptional growth over the past year; but will they be able to sustain that upward momentum in 2021?

Here is a look at how they performed in recent months.

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Square Inc.

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Square provides merchant payment services. It also launched the Cash App for person-to-person payment services.

On Wednesday, May 5, Square announced the launch of an alcohol delivery service for its registered merchants. Its clients, such as restaurant and convenience store owners and bars and shops, will now be able to take orders from customers for alcohol delivery to their doorsteps.

It offers a new revenue stream for the company without investing vast sums of money, which is usually the case, for setting up a delivery business.

The company also had launched an inventory management system, with features like Quick Inventory Counting, for its retailers to help automate their business. The system gives merchants more control over their inventories, thereby helping to improve their efficiency.

The stock was trading 0.22% up to US$231.70 at 3:55 pm ET on Wednesday, May 5. Square jumped 240% in the past 12 months.

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NetEase Inc.

Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, NetEase is one of the leading internet technology companies in the country. It offers various online services for communication and commerce. It also operates some of the most popular mobile and PC games in the country. It has recently expanded its operations to Japan and North America as demand for its services grew from these regions.

It also operates a music streaming service in China. Its recent TFBOYS concert, organised in collaboration with leading boybands, made a Guinness World Records for the most viewed paid concert.

The NetEase stock was trading at US$107.02, down 1.92% from the previous close, 4:00 pm ET on Wednesday, May 5. The stock surged more than 56% in the past year.

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Fiverr International Ltd.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Fiverr is a major e-commerce marketplace connecting buyers and sellers worldwide. It offers opportunities for those looking for services like marketing, designing, programming, animation, translation, and website creation.

Fiverr had recently released its third Small Business Needs Index, which analyses millions of data from global searches to determine what’s essential or trends that can help small businesses.

Announcing the result, company COO Hila Klein underscored that technology is helping to narrow the distance between buyers and sellers for the benefit of “entrepreneurialism”.

The stock was trading at US$186.00, down 2.96%, at 4:04 pm ET on Wednesday, May 5. It gained more than 300% in the last year.

Fiverr is expected to release its first-quarter earnings report on May 6, 2021.

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