Are energy grids holding back renewable energy progress?

The UK is at a pathbreaking threshold of renewable energy and aims to march towards its net-zero emission goal by 2050, which is also part of its green industrial revolution plan. Power utilities, government policy makers, and citizens collectively agree that the ageing electric transmission and distribution grid needs to be upgraded as it wasn’t enough to take the extra burden.

Energy is traded to and from the UK, but the major hurdle is the UK’s transmission infrastructure, which is limited in terms of size to supply the added renewable power being generated at present.

Over time, energy demand and consumption have increased manifold. However, new capacity has not been added at the same rate. Therefore, there has been a drastic fall in terms of headroom, which can be defined as the difference between peak supply and peak demand in a given time. 

At present, the UK is largely dependent on gas, especially for heating homes. In the coming years, the UK will need a way out to replace gas stations and transmit wind or solar energy.