Power Metals Resources (AIM: POW)

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Power Metals Resources (AIM: POW)

 Power Metals Resources (AIM: POW)
About the Company


Power Metal Resources is a Metal Exploration and Development company based out of London, United Kingdom. Power Metal Resources was initially under the nomenclature “African Battery Metals plc” and is recognized and listed on AIM with ticker “POW”

The core business of the organization is focused towards exploration of primary metals that could be potentially utilized towards the generation of power in the African continent. Apart from power generation, POW also focusses on its transmission along with the storage and utilization.

The board and company advisors envision the Metal Resource Company to be one of the leading names in the London, United Kingdom Market. Its focus is also on helping the right investors understand the potential of the company and obtain insight on the power metal commodity suite. Key focus minerals include nickel, lithium, cobalt and copper.

Power Metal Resources was initially under the nomenclature “African Battery Metals plc” and is recognized and listed on AIM with ticker “POW”


Power Metals Resources Plc has a total Market Cap of £1.91 million as of 27th June 2019. The total shares issued till date are 363,038,101 however shares not in public hands form about a total of 31.3%. The group is headed by their Chairman Andrew Bell.

Business Strategy and Exploration of opportunities

Power Metal Resources has been very transparent in sharing the latest updates on the company strategy. The focus of the company strategy has always been on exploring and discovering large scale metals in the power metal commodities, with a primary focus on Ni, Co and Cu. The Company though focusing on operations and explorations in the African continent, also intends to extend its operations and interests in countries outside Africa with the captivating prospects arising with a beaming speed.

From the metal discovery aspect at present, Power Metal Resources is focusing on commodities of nickel, copper and cobalt, however, with the growing expertise within the organization along with a wide horizon of arising market opportunities, POW is open to exploring metals beyond its current lineup. A prominent aspect that gives Power Metal an edge over competitors is its highly innovative approach towards finding and exploring new opportunities. Its cost-effective techniques further add to the gains. With multiple projects running simultaneously, the focus on a particular project could be varied however, the company has the vision to focus and give more leverage to projects with higher potential yields in upcoming future.

Key ongoing Projects for Power Metal Resources

The firm has a diversified portfolio of work across many states such as Botswana, Cameroon, DRC, Ivory Coast, and Tanzania.

  • Botswana: POW holds 18.6% shares in Kalahari Key Mineral Exploration Pty Limited, a company based out of Botswana holding 100% interest in the Molopo Farms Complex. The project primarily targets Nickel and Copper exploration. The key aim of the Botswana Project is to utilize the latest methods and technology to explore the under sand covers for the discovery and securing of major metals. The focus is to identify substantially scaled targets for early drilling.
  • Cameroon: The running project in the Cameroon location is via the listed subsidiary of the group Cobalt Blue Holdings. Target minerals for the project are cobalt and nickel. The key aim is to discover similarities of POW licenses on the geological front. The benchmark is to find licenses that are either similar or marginally larger that the big scale Nkamouna cobalt deposit.
  • Ivory Coast: The project ongoing in the Ivory coast is nomenclated as Lizetta II, the target minerals include 3 major metals namely, Nickel, Cobalt and Chrome. The Lizetta-II project is situated 77 kilometers north west of Bouake and at a distance of three hundred and forty-two kilometers north of Abidjan which is Ivory Coast's commercial capital and occupies around 380 sq. miles.
  • The DRC: Power Metal Resources holds a significant 70% interest in Kisinka Copper-Cobalt Project. The project is located in The Democratic Republic of the Congo with target minerals constituting of copper and cobalt. The aim of this project is to discover and secure a major metal which is within the territories of the current as well as the future license ground. This would help to confirm and state the Lubumbashi region as a newly found and potent copper and cobalt district.
  • Tanzania: Power Metal Resources has also broadened its project line up with investments in the Katoro Gold Plc (AIM: KAT). This is a nickel project with extremely high potential prospects. Located in Tanzania, the Haneti Nickel project targets the discovery of Nickel and Lithium metals. The aim is to discover the metals by drilling broad targets that can be identified by conducting geological surveys and via productive tracking to ensure a major discovery of nickel sulphide
Company Prospects and reasons for investing in POW
  • In February 2019, restructuring and refinancing gave a prominent transformation to the Company's fortunes. Factors adding to the win were the addition of new board members and a One million Pound raise in capital to improve the financial position of Power Metal Resources
  • The company has a very focused strategic vision of projects that show an unmatched geology, location and historical data offering the potential of metal deposits on a large scale.
  • The introduction of projects lower and moderate on the costs have helped neutralizing and managing the corporate functioning & operational expenditure. These aspects are densely observed, monitored and maintained specially in times where the potential upside from promising explorations are huge.
  • Power Metal Resources aims to consistently communicate with its current and potential investors to make sure that they are kept up to date with all of the company's innovations and developments.


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