5 penny stocks under focus as they rally up to 76% in June 2021

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5 penny stocks under focus as they rally up to 76% in June 2021

 5 penny stocks under focus as they rally up to 76% in June 2021
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  • Investing in stock markets has been largely driven by several guiding factors
  • Money making by investing in penny stocks is highly dependent on entry and exit
  • Zephyr Energy stock has a impressive return in June, while it gained 525% in 2021 

Investing in stock markets has been largely driven by several guiding factors that ultimately influence the buying decision. When it comes to putting the money in highly volatile assets, such penny stocks, cryptocurrencies and other market-tradable securities that have a high risk profile, people only look at the upside of the investment following which they end up incurring heavy losses.

However, many individuals have made a good amount of money by investing in penny stocks and cryptocurrencies, riding high on the massive spikes in the market prices of these instruments. The element of money making by investing in these assets is highly dependent on the time of your entry and exit.

There are penny stocks that have lost a sizable amount of their respective market capitalisation, but have bounced back sharply, superseding previous highs. A largely similar case is with crypto-assets as almost all the so-called cryptocurrencies have spiralled like anything, especially during the pandemic era. But, there has been a regular correction in the indicative prices of crypto-assets from the last month.

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With all of this in position, we take a look at five penny stocks that have risen up 60% in the present month. All of these shares are a component of FTSE AIM All-Share index of the London Stock Exchange.

Kodal Minerals Plc (LON: KOD)

Shares of Kodal Minerals have been on a rising run in the present month as the stock has advanced more than 70%, making it one of the best performing shares out of all the components of FTSE AIM All-Share index.

According to the data available with the London Stock Exchange, the stock of Kodal Minerals has gained as much as 76% to fresh 52-week high of GBX 0.44 (18 June) from the share price level of GBX 0.25 as on the last trading day of May.

Interestingly, the stock has nearly quadrupled in the present calendar year. As per the historical data, Kodal shares have rallied 300% in the five-and-a-half month period of 2021 so far to GBX 0.44 from a mark of GBX 0.11 as on 31 December 2020. 

Zephyr Energy Plc (LON: ZPHR)

Shares of Zephyr Energy have a seemingly impressive return in the present month. The stock has gained close to 55% to a new 52-week peak of GBX 5.50 from a share price mark of GBX 3.55 apiece. On a year-to-date (YTD) scale, the stock stands with a gain of 525% as the stock ended last year at GBX 0.88 on 31 December 2020.

Smartspace Software Plc (LON: SMRT)

Shares of Smartspace Software have gained marginally higher in June 2021 as compared to the aforementioned stocks. The stock has grown a little more than 17% to GBX 170 from a share price level of GBX 145. The stock had a cyclical patch in the present calendar year as it has a YTD return of a little more than 20%, while the shares have risen 423% in the last 11 months from a market price of GBX 32.5 as on 20 July 2020.

Other penny stocks that have risen substantially in the current month include Gattaca Plc (LON: GATC) and Westminster Group Plc (LON: WSG). Gattaca shares have gained 52%, while the stock of Westminster has jumped approximately 49% in the present month.


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