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About the Company

Rockfire Resources was previously known and referred to as “Papua Mining”. It is an LSE listed mineral exploration giant and the company’s core business lies in discovery of precious as well as base metals in the Australian continent. The active explorer is a 100% stake owner in each of its exploration licenses and has been aggressively involved in the development of same.

Rockfire Resources has multiple ongoing prospects and targets in the state of Queensland Australia, and key set of minerals targeted by the company include metals like gold, copper, silver and zinc. Most of Rockfire Resources’ projects and portfolio prospects are within a transportable gap of operational and active gold mines. This has a provisional advantage of providing an incentive for any potential assets identified for toll treatment.

Based on its existing range of ventures, the company has designed a growth strategy for targeting advance exploration prospects in the projects. Along with managing and growing the value from its current resources, the company also actively supports continuous assessment of quality opportunities to delve into and capture valuable mineral projects not just around Australia but also around the globe.

Company Strategy

Rockfire resources trusts affectively tried and tested techniques to raise capital for the funding of efforts gone on exploration as well as to cover costs related to administration. The reliability is mostly on publicly listed entities.

Strategies that are commercially sustainable will be relied upon for value creation from the assets of the company. These assets could be of a varied nature, and may include mining, joint ventures, advancement, or even the sellout of assets.

The underlisted methods can help us achieve the strategic goals of the company:

  • The exploration business should primarily be targeting mineral domains that are top notch in quality and of a world class form
  • Device a synchronized methodology and intense selection process for selection of projects that need to be acquired
  • Exploration can be done either parallelly or in a series, however, the methodology used should be strictly adhering to recognized industrial standards
  • The ongoing exploration efforts and costs should be governed a result driven strategy
  • Concentrate on development or sale of projects by exploring and defining resources that give a successful output
  • Closely monitor the spends and costs using a methodical reviewing process.
  • Recognize commercial solutions for ventures that do not meet the criteria stated by Rockfire Resources.
Overview of complete project list

The projects and ongoing ventures for Rockfire Resources can be categorized basis the targeted metal or mineral.

The Gold Projects can be categorized under:
  • Lighthouse tenement which comprises of multiple prospects like Plateau, Double Event, Split Rock, Cardigan Dam and Lower Lighthouse
  • The Kookaburra Tenement comprising of prospects in Native Bee and Brigalow Alluvials
  • Marengo Tenement, Monarch Tenement and NEW LEYSHON TENEMENT are also few of the key Gold projects with Rockfire resources.

The Copper Projects include Copperhead tenement and Copper Dome tenement

The base metal projects are categorized under the Lighthouse Tenement, comprising of Rollston River, Warrawee and Scrubby Dam, metals explored include Zinc, Lead and Silver

Details on key projects

Let us talk in detail about 3 of the most significant ventures being run by Rockfire Resources.

  • Lighthouse

Based out of the state of Queensland, The tenement is located at a considerable distance of about fifty kilometers from the mining of Charters Towers.

The tenement has numerous prospects such as Split Rock, Cardigan Dam, Lower Lighthouse, Plateau and Double Event. The Lighthouse tenement constitutes of abundant styles for the mineralization of Gold. Vein- and breccia-hosted, Epithermal and deep-seated porphyry targets are few of the known gold mineralization types known in the tenement.

Esso, Newcrest, Penarroya are some of the many global firms that have attempted to explore the Lighthouse Tenement. Amongst the above listed prospects falling under this tenement, Plateau happens to be the most advanced prospect. It is located at a short distance of seventeen kilometers towards the east of the Pajingo Gold Mine.

The past drilling excavations have resulted in significant and high-quality gold, however the deposits still stay less explored.

  • Marengo

The Marengo project is located in the Central part of Queensland amidst a belt of porphyry copper deposits with high densities. Opportunities to uncover quantum Porphyry copper deposits and high-grade gold are at a very high prospect of discovery from the Marengo Project. The Marengo Projects has prospects of Gold, Copper as well as Silver metals. The first stint of successfully discovering gold at Marengo was accomplished back in the year 1870 and the prospect is home to over thirty-seven ancient gold diggings.

  • Copperhead

Located in the central areas of the state of Queensland, The Copperhead Project is yet to be developed, however curtesy the five drilling explorations that were conducted in the past chalcopyrite and pyrite were discovered in each of the holes. This clearly indicated and tagged the location as a substantial mineralized target.

The project offers Rockfire Resources with the opportunity to calculate in an accelerated timespan a remarkable JORC resource. A substantial amount of porphyry deposit can be obtained at Copperhead

What gives us the edge over other Market Player?
  • Rockfire resources explores prospects in Queensland, Australia which consists of gold deposits weighing millions of ounces.
  • The company has a clear focus on exploring projects that are large in scale and are near surface.
  • Rockfire Resources possesses an executive team of Highly skilled, knowledgeable and profound board of directors.
  • The company believes in an extremely low at-risk jurisdiction which is also mining friendly
  • Rockfire Resources has promising opportunities which can be capitalized at an early market level
  • The most prominent and significant aspect of the company is their hundred percent ownership and stake in all the projects they own.

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