Quick Facts About FTSE 100 Index Performance In Thursday’s Session

  • Oct 10, 2019 BST
  • Team Kalkine
Quick Facts About FTSE 100 Index Performance In Thursday’s Session

Global Markets*: Benchmark indices of the NYSE extended gains from the previous session, with Dow Jones Industrial Average Index bagged 162.02 points or 0.61% to 26,508.03, the market-cap weighted S&P 500 index surged 19.63 points or 0.67% to 2,939.03 and the Nasdaq Composite Index leapt up 38.96 points or 0.49% to 7,942.70, respectively (in the October 10, 2019 market session, before the market close at 01:53 PM ET).

Global News*: Main indexes on the Wall Street accelerated after optimistic comments being stated by the President Donald Trump that for trade talks to progress further, he would meet Chinese Vice Premier Liu He on Friday. Technology sector stocks surged after a rise in the Apple’s shares by 1.2 per cent during the trading session. Both Skyworks Solutions Inc and Qorvo Inc (Apple suppliers) shares edged up by 4.3 per cent and 4.4 per cent respectively after ratings were upgraded by Cowen due to higher iPhone demand. Delta Airlines Inc stock dipped by 2.8 per cent after the company estimated dismal current quarter profit performance. During the day, Cisco Systems Inc shares were dropped by 2 per cent after the network gear maker's shares were downgraded by Goldman Sachs to neutral. Post positive trade hopes, financial stocks were lifted with Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America shares were leapt up by around 2 per cent respectively during the trading session.

S&P 500 (SPX)*

Top Performers: Qorvo Inc, Skyworks Solutions Inc and E*Trade Financial Corp are top gainers and increased by 3.68%, 3.21% and 2.30% respectively.

Worst Performers: NetApp Inc, Delta Airlines Inc and Cisco Systems Inc are the top three laggards and decreased by 4.73%, 4.28% and 2.65% respectively.

NASDAQ Composite (IXIC)*

Top Performers: Ra Pharmaceuticals Inc, OncoSec Medical Inc, and Bed Bath & Beyond Inc are top gainers and increased by 101.28%, 25.00% and 22.23% respectively.

Worst Performers: ForeScout Technologies Inc, Professional Diversity Network Inc and Infrastructure & Energy Alternatives Inc are the top three laggards and decreased by 34.29%, 32.80% and 28.31% respectively.

Top Performing Sectors: Basic materials (up 0.29%), Telecommunication services (up 0.26%), and Energy (up 0.23%).

Worst Performing Sectors: Utilities (down 1.01%), Consumer Non-Cyclicals (down 0.27%), and Industrials (down 0.06%).

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI)*

Top Performers: Dow Inc, Nike Inc and Goldman Sachs Group Inc are top gainers and increased by 0.89%, 0.72% and 0.63% respectively.

Worst Performers: Cisco Systems Inc, UnitedHealth Group Inc and Boeing Co are the top three laggards and decreased by 2.65%, 1.73% and 0.51% respectively.

European Markets: The London’s broader equity benchmark index FTSE 100 traded at 19.86 points or 0.28% higher at 7,186.36, the FTSE 250 index snapped 64.12 points or 0.33% higher at 19,235.72, and the FTSE All-Share Index ended 11.36 points or 0.29% higher at 3,938.33 respectively. Another European equity benchmark index STOXX 600 ended at 382.76, up by 2.46 points or 0.65 per cent.

European News*: Even as the European Union said the proposed Brexit agreement would not ensure an orderly departure, in a last-ditch attempt to revive a British proposal, Prime Minister Boris Johnson met Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in northern England on Thursday. The Office for National Statistics reported that the gross domestic product in the three months to August was higher by 0.3% than in the previous three months, indicating that the economy might be able to avoid a technical recession, but the growth rate declined as exporters felt the impact of the slowing world economy. As investors were bracing themselves to the possibility of no deal by the latest deadline, the pound fell to a one-month low against a broadly stronger euro on Thursday, while it rose against a broadly weak dollar following the stronger-than-expected data.

London Stock Exchange*

Top Performers: BROWN(N.) GROUP PLC (BWNG), PENDRAGON PLC (PDG) and CYBG PLC (CYBG) were top gainers and leapt up by 8%, 6.56% and 5.60% respectively.

Worst Performers: DUNELM GROUP PLC (DNLM), SIRIUS MINERALS PLC (SXX) and RIVER AND MERCANTILE GROUP PLC (RIV) were the top three losers and dipped by 12.15%, 7.62% and 7.33% respectively.

FTSE 100 Index*

Price Performance in Last Five days (October-10-2019), before the market closed (Chart sourced from Thomson Reuters)

Top Gainers: ANTOFAGASTA PLC (ANTO), ANGLO AMERICAN PLC (AAL) and KINGFISHER PLC (KGF) were top performers and edged up by 5.10%, 4.78% and 3.85% respectively.

Top Laggards: BARRATT DEVELOPMENTS PLC (BDEV), FRESNILLO PLC (FRES) and HARGREAVES LANSDOWN PLC (HL.) were the worst performers and beaten down by 5.05%, 2.66% and 2.34% respectively.


Top Performing Sectors: Basic Materials (up 2.37%), Telecommunications Services (up 1.55%), and Energy (up 0.72%).

Worst Performing Sectors: Utilities (down 0.75%), Consumer Non-Cyclicals (down 0.57%) and Healthcare (down 0.44%).

Forex Rates*: GBP/USD and EUR/GBP were quoting at 1.2436 and 0.8853, respectively.

Bond Yields*: U.S 10-Year Treasuries yield was quoting at 1.653%, and the UK 10-Year Government Bond yield was trading at 0.597%, respectively.


*At the time of writing

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