Inflexion Private Equity Partners LLP is a London based buyout group and founded in the year 1999. They have a global reach in around 150 countries and asset under Inflexion's management stood at £4.4bn.

In a recent development, the group has raised around £1 bn in two funds mainly from the United States investors, finding Britain more inviting because of a plunge in the pound since the Brexit referendum took place in 2016.

The group has raised funding in just 10 weeks and targeting small and mid-sized businesses and co-investment opportunities, primarily in the UK and in the rest of Europe as well.

The pace of fundraising in the Buyout groups is the fastest since the Sub-prime crisis took place in 2008, on an average it took only 12 months to do so, as compared with 20 months in 2010.

Recently several hedge funds turned positive on a sterling rally as Britain’s economy was 0.3 per cent stronger in the three months ended to February 19, as compared to the previous quarter.

A person having direct knowledge of fundraising commented that the businesses based out in the UK are more attractive post a steep plunge in sterling pound against the US dollar, Euro and other major currencies. He also  added that, if you are a US investor, you can easily conclude that at the current price level pound is economical on a historical basis.

Despite attractive opportunities in the UK, the fog of Brexit which is hovering around the UK has made investors difficult to invest. However, London also recently lost its crown as European Union become largest buyout market by deal value for the first time since 2011, as investors turned negative in Britain over lack of clarity over UK divorce from the EU bloc.

Many investors do not want to take more than 30 per cent exposure in the UK assets and managers at Buyout funds have downgraded the UK as their top destination for investment.

One person having direct knowledge of the Inflexion's fundraising said that the interest of Buyout fund in the UK assets was not mainly because of opportunities available in the wake of Brexit uncertainties, investors had also been attracted because of investment performance and the people behind the deals.

A majority of investors in the Inflexion funds are from the United States, and around 20-30 per cent are from Asia and rest are from Europe.

However, the Buyout group has declined to comment on the fundraising news but expected to make an official announcement by the end of this week. The group has delivered three times return on its invested capital to the investors during the life of its funds.


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