4 FTSE Buzzing Stocks, Up Above 70% In Five Trading Session - Should You Keep a Watch?

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4 FTSE Buzzing Stocks, Up Above 70% In Five Trading Session - Should You Keep a Watch?

 4 FTSE Buzzing Stocks, Up Above 70% In Five Trading Session - Should You Keep a Watch?

Markets across the globe are going through a bear phase, and companies across the board have tumbled. The rapid spread of the pandemic has led governments of many countries to invoke lockdown and take social distancing measures to curb the impact of COVID-19. Globally more than 2 million people have reportedly been infected, and the death toll has surged to about 1,26,830.

The World Health Organisation declared the outbreak of this novel virus as pandemic on March 11, 2020, and till date, the virus has marked its footprint in around 210 countries. Countries like the United States, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Iran, Turkey and Belgium are among the highly affected geographies, and together they account for 80% of the total confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Market experts and economic analysts have already said that estimation of the economic impact of this virus on many developed and global is tough and challenging, as no one has witnessed this kind of pandemic over the century.

Though government and central banks of many countries announced stimulus to curb the economic impact on this pandemic, the outcome of these measure has yet to be realised.

Normally, in economic recession or downturn, companies and household are let to get bust, but this time things are different, and governments are standing firm behind the corporates and household to protect them against this grave situation.

After, central banks around the world announced some measure like a steep cut on interest, availability of liquidity in the market, along with the deferring repayment of debt had provided some relief in the global financial market, and, markets across the globe showed some signs of recovery from the losses caused by Coronavirus pandemic.

The benchmark indices of London, the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and FTSE All-Share index have recovered some losses they had accumulated in late February and March 2020. However, the overall market sentiment still remaining bearish, and many experts are expecting that markets will register a double bottom as the economic impact of this novel coronavirus has not got priced in completely.

The FTSE 100 index of the UK has bagged about 7% over the past five trading session to April 14, 2020, whereas mid-cap gauge, the FTSE 250 index added approximately 14% in the same time. The FTSE All-Share, which gauges the performance of the stocks listed on the main market of the LSE, has surged about 8% during the period mentioned above.

Meanwhile, there were various pockets who considerably outperformed the feats of these indices and have delivered alpha returns in the past five trading sessions.

N Brown Group PLC (BWNG): The company is a United Kingdom-based diversified retailer and offers a range of clothing, footwear and homewares to its customers. The outstanding market capitalisation of this company stood at £52.41 million, which ranks it among the small caps listed and traded on the LSE.

Its shares have recently recorded a sharp upsurge on the LSE and bagged approximately 80.5% in the last five trading sessions and substantially outperformed its benchmark index during the same time. However, despite this sudden spike in its share, the YoY return of this stock stood at negative 83%, which implies that its shares have lost approximately 83% of its market values in a year-over period.

Intu Properties PLC (INTU): The £73.17 million market-cap Intu Properties Plc is a Real Estates Investment Trust company. The company owns and manages shopping centres in Great Britain and Spain. During the last five trading sessions, its shares have leapt up approximately 77% and significantly outperformed its benchmark during the same time. However, on a YoY basis, its shares have lost approximately 93% of its market value. The company has huge debt in its balance sheet with Total Debt to Equity Ratio standing at 248.6% and Trailing Twelve Month Return on Equity standing at around -68.3%.

Superdry PLC (SDRY): United Kingdom-headquartered SDRY is speciality retailer engaged in the retailing design, production and distribution of clothing and accessories under Superdry brand, it has approximately 670 points of sale across the world, as well as an online presence. SDRY shares are among the hot stocks buzzing on the LSE, as its shares have surged around 75.5% in the past five trading sessions and registered a short-term reversal trend on the daily price chart. The outstanding market-capitalisation of the company stood at £139.4 million, and its reported dividend yield as on date was of 2.7%. However, on a YoY basis, SDRY stocks are still down by around 63%.

Cineworld Group PLC: The £1.06 billion mid-cap CINE is engaged in providing recreational services across the world. Recently on April 08, 2020, the group updated on evolving impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on its business and also explained the measures they are considering to mitigate the impact of the deadly novel coronavirus on their business. They said that the group's entire estates of 787 cinemas spread in across ten countries had been shut as a result of the pandemic, which was impossible to imagine just a few months ago. Closure of cinemas are definitely going to hurt business, but the company has announced some measure which can help them to conserve cash. 1) It has suspended payment of 4QFY19 dividend of 4.25c/share and suspended upcoming quarterly dividend as well, 2) Directors have voluntarily agreed to defer payment of their full-salaries and any bonus to which they are entitled, and non-executive directors will defer their fees as well and 3) the company is in discussion with landlords, the film studios, and major suppliers to defer and curtail unnecessary expenditures to preserve cash.

The day, update of the impact was reported by the company, its shares jumped around 60% in one trading session, and over the past five traded sessions CINE stocks are up by 72.7% amid bearish sentiment grappling the broader market. However, on a YoY basis, its shares have lost ~ 80% of its value and turned small-cap.


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