Theresa May Sets To Unlock Cross Party Brexit Talks

  • Jan 17, 2019 GMT
  • Team Kalkine
Theresa May Sets To Unlock Cross Party Brexit Talks

House of Commons voted 325 to 306 to retain Conservatives in power. May thanked the House and invited lawmakers and MPs from all the parties to work constructively together to set out what parliament wants. She said that the deal presented in front of the house was rejected by the MPs of the house overwhelmingly, and added that she respects the mandate and now all of  the MPs at Westminster should work together and deliver what British people had mandated to leave EU in 2016 referendum.

But Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition, said Prime Minister must think through the idea of no-deal Brexit as the prerequisite for further talks. He added, now Mr. May is running a “Zombie government.” After that spoke person of Conservatives told reporters that Prime Minister was not doing so, Labour’s MPs said no deal was being used as “intimidation”. One spoke person also added that Labours would not demand for any further no-confidence votes. Mr. Corbyn also said that the country required a general election to bring Labour’s in power that would bring “new ideas” to tackle low wage rates for workers, a deteriorating healthcare services and government-funded education.

May survives no-confidence with a very thin margin, as it was not surprising because she has no overhaul majority in the House and was taking support from the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party to boost her government. May’s blueprint for EU withdrawal was overwhelmingly thrashed by 230 votes, one of the disastrous defeats of any government in modern British history.

Economists from many research houses and BoE too, predicted that, if House fails to decide any new Brexit deal, then Britain will fall out of the EU without any new deal and this could trigger contraction in the economy that would also witness sterling falling as much as 25 to 30 percent and UK home prices taking as much as 30 to 35 percent.

However, EU and British officials are highly convinced that Britain will need to defer Brexit day, but May has so far publicly rejected to consider this option. She said, “today we are facing a historic moment in our nation’s history” and she asked Members of the House to back her government on Wednesday.

Regardless of deep division in Conservatives over Brexit deal, MPs from Conservatives and Democratic Unionists Party rallied to defend no-confidence against May, voting to keep May in power. Conservatives and Democratic Unionists have shown a united front to stop Labour’s Corbyn forming a government.

Theresa May is now discussing with the MPs and trying to find out a new way through the Brexit mess. May is opening talks with the rival parties in the hope of deciding a new blueprint for Brexit, that can be supported by the House of Commons. Its already too late. May must present to the Parliament her plan B by Monday. According to latest Bloomberg news articles, arrangements are being made with the EU lawmakers to discuss the next steps. It is uncertain that how much support the UK will get from EU bloc, but the bloc is ready to defer the Article 50 to renegotiate with the UK again, if necessary, according to the diplomats.

After yesterday’s vote, EU expressed tough stance at Brexit vote and rejected to renegotiate deal again. Diplomats said they were taken aback by the extent of the loss, and said that there are few more things they can do for the UK and to help May, but Britain leaving EU without a deal has fuelled many concerns.

Emmanuel Macron, French Prime Minister said, “Time is almost up, we can’t offer concession to sole internal UK politics problem”. He also added “we went as far as we could”.

EU bloc can barely hide their anger that Theresa May is not able to sell a deal to the parliament after 2 years of negotiation with Brussels.

Spoke person for EU President, Donald Tusk said, all EU 27 are united and will seek to minimize losses caused by Brexit.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel also indicated that it’s “up to the British to assume the consequence of their choice,” while Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was a little more upbeat: “Despite this setback, it does not mean we are in a no-deal situation,” he said on Twitter.

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