Kromek Group PLC

  • Dec 31, 2019 GMT
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Kromek Group PLC

Kromek Group PLC

Kromek Group PLC is best known as a technology group which is internationally spread out and has its reach throughout the world. It is well known and recognized as one of the most prominent and top names in development and consequent supply of products that can detect radiation and are high performance. These products detect radiation using advanced technology and with the use of cadmium zinc telluride (CZT). The company has been successfully able to develop such modern and advanced platforms of technology which aid Kromek in designing and developing gamma ray imaging and x-ray. It also helps in producing products that can detect radiation that can be used for various purposes and industries. They are generally used in medical field, Homeland Security, Civil nuclear radiation detection markets etc.

The Kromek group has over the years been offering a wide range of products that have multiple utilities. These products are capable of providing information that is high resolution. They can prove useful in getting information on material composition and structure. Given their features, they are utilized in various applications. They are helpful to identify issues that could be cancerous. Along with that they are also used in the identification of hazardous materials which could be explosives. Another use id to analyze materials that are radioactive.

The Kromek Group has been able to develop a business model wherein it operates on providing a technology offering to its customers that is vertically integrated. These range from materials that are radiation detectors in nature to finished products. These could include electronics, software or ASICs – Application specific integrated circuits.

The group is headquartered in the UK, and also has its footprint in the United Kingdom and The United states of America (California and Pennsylvania). The group has developed its operations and model in a way that it sells in its international markets through a combined network of distributors, OEM and direct sales.

Nuclear solutions

The group has been working towards providing solutions for the nuclear sector. They offer a the gamut of products in this sector like the civil nuclear radiation detectors. They have also been able to develop high-energy physics devices and other nuclear products that are widely used and accepted worldwide by their customers. They are majorly used in laboratories, industries, study or field dealing with nuclear materials and other such ancillary uses. Their product line is well equipped to aid in calculation, classification and in locating nuclear material. Many organizations worldwide make use of their solutions like their detectors and other components that aid in processes in this field. Their products are used worldwide in facilities where radioactivity detection is essential. This ranges from use and application in power plants, as well as in places like waste sites for processes that could put these devices for profitable use. They are widely accepted in university physics laboratories to school classrooms.

In their civil nuclear radiation detectors, they use a variety of detection methods that include cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) and various scintillator crystals. They are known to be leaders in CZT development. They are one of the only four companies that are capable of producing this compound to this day at present. They are now producing it in their UK and US plants.

Cadmium zinc telluride allows smaller detectors, improves accuracy, and makes use more convenient and hassle free. In short they have been able to provide solutions that have given new ways and techniques of using detectors. They have their detectors flying on drones and launching into space.

They are known to provide solutions that helps move a research and development project into a final product.

Medical sector

For use in CT, SPECT and Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD, DEXA), medical equipment manufacturers use their CZT gamma detectors. Cadmium zinc telluride is known to be a room temperature semiconductor which is a radiation detector. It is of multiple uses in various sub sectors in the medical field. This is majorly used in medical imaging, especially in computed tomography (SPECT) which is for single photon emission. They also offer CZT camera solutions. These are used in computed tomography of positron emissions and x-ray radiography. These are also useful in bone mineral densitometry and in intricate processes like photon counting.

The company also provides a range of CZT gamma detector modules. These are generally used by manufacturers of medical equipment. This equipment is used to build devices using CZT as the medium of imaging.

The company also offers a wide range of CZT modules. These can be used by OEMs which in turn is used to develop and work on new medical equipment. They also aid in renovation of old models. Inc omparison to the existing scintillation detectors, the smaller size of CZT gamma detectors helped provide a smaller market for medical imaging devices. These were lesser in weight and also had improved portability. This opened up new operating techniques which includes likes of lower tracer dose, faster scanning times. These also help in timely diagnosis and using multiple traces in a single examination.

Security sector

The company understood the critical nature of security screening and products for nuclear threat detection. They understood that their solutions and products could be the gap between life and death. They hence offer products on which their users started relying for keeping themselves and their citizens safe whatever be their mission.

Kromek homeland security items range from radiation gamma detectors that are wearable to scanner cameras which can be used for x-ray of luggage.

Their selection of ready-to-deploy CBRNE items has been serving and catering to the needs of protection of border, security and safety of transportation infrastructure, military and defense, home security and event safety.

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